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  • SL-700 High-Quality Multi-Purpose Industrial Floor Scales
  • SL-800 & SL-900 NTEP Certified (Legal for trade) Floor Scales
  • High-Quality Floor Scale with Ramp Options
  • Wireless Floor Scales
  • Floor Scales with Pit Frame
  • Dual counting Smart weighing systems

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  • Premium Scales for Agriculture and Livestock Applications
  • High-Quality Portable Vehicle Scales
  • High-Quality and Certified Truck Weight Scales
  • Pallet Jack Scales

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Industrial And Commercial Scales

Selleton Scales is the leading provider of industrial and commercial scales in the United States. We stock a wide range of high-quality scales that are reliable, accurate and extremely durable. All products are rigorously tested and built to survive the tough conditions found in many industrial and commercial operating environments. Here are some details of the industrial and commercial scales that we are sell.

Industrial truck scales

Industrial truck scales are useful for any business that often weights truck loads. This includes businesses in the waste management, food production, and transportation sectors.

Our industrial truck scales are surface mounted and feature a ramp leading up to the weigh platform. The driver simply moves the vehicle onto the platform and its weight is calculated using state-of-the-art sensors. The vehicle’s weight can then be displayed, printed and/or transmitted electronically to another device.

All of our industrial truck scales are very robust and capable of weighing extremely heavy vehicles. We have models with a max capacity of between 60,000 lbs to 270,000 lbs. Several of our products are National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) approved, which makes them legal-for-trade and suitable for commercial activities. Our most popular industrial truck scales include:

OP-934 10' x 10' NTEP Legal for trade Axle Truck cargo Scale with 60,000 lbs Capacity (Learn more). OP-934-20 10' x 20' NTEP Legal for trade Axle Truck cargo Scale with 100,000 lbs Capacity. (Learn more). OP-934-30 10' x 30' NTEP Legal for trade Axle Truck cargo Scale with 100,000 lbs. (Learn more). PS-Hercules NTEP Approved Super Duty Truck Scale 100,000 lbs x 50 lb. (Learn more). OP-100 NTEP Approved Super Duty Truck Scale 270,000 lb x 20 lb, (Learn more).

Industrial scales

We supply our world-class industrial scales to a wide range of businesses including those in the fisheries, pharmaceutical, food production, and agricultural industries. These enterprises rely on the accuracy and reliability of our industrial scales for the success of their business. The durability, affordability, and ease-of-use make our industrial scales a very popular choice with our clients. Some of the industrial scales we stock include:

 Bench scales
We stock a variety of bench scales, ranging in size from 12” x 16” to 22” x 32”. Several of our scales are NTEP approved and legal for trade.

Crane/Tension link scales
Our crane/tension scales can be attached to an overhead beam to weigh all kinds of products. They are available in a range of load capacities and designs.

Drum/Wheelchair portable scales
Our portable drum scales are very useful for warehouses, while wheelchair scales are popular with medical facilities.

Heavy Duty (U) Type Scale
A U Type Scale uses two or three bars to weigh an object. This design makes it easier to move pallets or boxes onto the scales using a forklift.

Roller Deck / Pancake Scale 
Pancake scales are extremely flat and feature ramps on all sides. This makes it simple to roll cargo onto the scale for weighing. Roller deck scales feature inbuilt rollers, which make it easy to move cargo onto and over the scale. They are often used by freight companies, airports, and in other industrial applications.

Airplane scales
We offer both portable and floor scale airplane weighing systems for small aircraft.

All of our industrial scales are built to the same high standard and are made available to our highly-valued customers at a surprisingly affordable price.

Commercial and industrial floor scales

Commercial floor scales are used in many industries to weight large objects that are difficult to handle. Having the scale located on the floor makes it much easier to weigh objects like pallets, large boxes, food containers, machinery, animals, and furniture.

Most platform scales are simple in design. The largest component is a large flat metal platform that is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. This platform can be permanently installed in a location or placed on wheels so it can be moved about your place of business.

The other components in a commercial floor scales or industrial floor scale are load cells which perform the actual weighing and electronic equipment, which transmits the result to a display, printer, or computer.

All of our floor scales are available with a wide variety of optional extras, including printers, scoreboard, data collection software, pit-frames, ramps, indicators, wireless controllers, and explosion proofing. You can build the perfect scale for your application. Our commercial floor scales and industrial floor scales include:

Multiple-purpose floor scales
We stock a wide range of multiple-purpose floor scales ideal for a variety of operating environments.

NTEP floor scales
Selleton Scales stocks several NTEP floor scales in a variety of styles. They are legal for trade scales that can be used to weight everything from oil drums to fruit.

Wireless floor scales
Our state-of-the-art wireless floor scales remove the hassle and safety risk of cables crossing the floor. They are available in many weight capacities, from a 4’ x 4’ 1000 lbs max capacity scale to a 5’ x 5’ 10,000 lbs max capacity scale.

Floor scales with pit frame
These scales feature a pit frame which allows you to embed the scale in a floor.

Industrial pallet scales
These extremely durable scales are perfectly designed to accommodate a pallet.

 Axle scales

Our high-quality axle scales make weighing vehicles simple. They are available in several configurations, including heavy-duty dual ramps and ultra-portable wheel ramps. All of our axle scales are made from high-grade steel and are built with a high level of precision. They will withstand the rigors of any industrial or commercial operating environment. These products are perfect for vehicle weighing, boat weighing, trailer weighing, and multi-channel weighing. Click here to learn more.


Thanks for reading! To learn more about our Industrial And Commercial Scales, contact Selleton Scales on 844-735-5386 or via info@selletonscales.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our industrial-scale products? In the section below, we take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about our industrial weighing scales.

If you've never used one of our scales before, you might be wondering what these weighing scales are used for. 

The truth is that our industrial weighing scales can be used to weigh a variety of materials, products, and ingredients and often have industrial settings for large-scale applications. They are used in the food industry for weighing food and beverages and also serve various purposes in commercial and industrial environments.

If you own a business that deals with pallets, you will need a pallet scale. This type of industrial scale is used for weighing crates, pallets, and other similar large objects. Using one of our scales can help with inventory control and may be used for a number of other weighing applications.

Absolutely! We provide a number of industrial weighing scales to help with your business. Whether you need pallet scales or traditional weighing scales, you can count on us! 

Here are just a few reasons to choose us for your industrial weighing solutions:

As your one-stop shop for weighing scales, if there's something you need, you can count on us to have it in stock!

We partner with leading suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that you have access to some of the best products on the market

Our commitment to providing high-quality service ensures that you have a positive experience every time you shop with us!

We can help you create a custom weighing system, and our expert advisors can provide the assistance and guidance you need throughout the weighing process

Our scales are highly accurate and fast - saving time and money!

Counting scales are a type of industrial scale that can be used to weigh items and count pieces. This scale is often used in manufacturing facilities since it makes counting single units much faster and easier. In addition to counting applications, our high-quality counting scales can be used for traditional weighing.

Suppose you need to weigh large objects. In that case, you'll need one of our floor-scale products. These industrial scales are typically used for bigger or heavier items that are usually operated at floor level. We provide a wide range, so you can find a floor scale that best meets your needs from our online store!

If you require more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us! One of our friendly assistants will gladly walk you through the various options and help you find an industrial scale that will best meet your needs and requirements.