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SellEton SL-433 Bumper Guard

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$180.99 - $544.99
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  • Easy to see in almost any environment
  • Prevents forklifts or other hazards from damaging the scale
  • Height: 4.5"
  • Width: 4.25"
  • Available Lenght: 3' , 4' , 5', 6', 7' 
  • The thickness of metal: 1/4" 
  • Easy to install with 4.5”, 1/2” anchor bolts, and 5/8” washers
  • For use with all SellEton floor scales

FAQs About Pallet Bumper Guards

Floor scale bump guards are often made of metal and are designed to prevent damage to forklifts, products, and more. Plus, they will protect workers as they move around the equipment.

A bumper guard is considered a vertical bar that attaches to the floor scale around the perimeter. It offers another layer of protection and will prevent damage to your equipment, including forklifts and concrete. Overall, you won't have as many scratches or dents to the floor scale.

When buying a bumper guard for your floor scale, you should consider these features:

    Bright yellow for high visibility in almost every environment
    Ability to work with any floor scale from the same manufacturer
    Easy to install
    Includes the anchor bolts and washers
    Sturdy metal (1/4-inch thick)
    Comes in various lengths
    Will prevent damage to forklifts, concrete, and other equipment
    Reduces the risk of impact
    Can protect people using the floor scale

When you choose a floor scale bumper guard from SellEton Scales, you will enjoy these benefits:

    Protect your investment (pallet trucks and forklifts)
    Enjoy a durable metal construction
    Yellow coating for high visibility
    Secures to the floor with either a concrete installation kit or anchor bolts (not included)
    Angled sides to deflect impact

Yes, pallet floor scales should have bumper guards. Pallets could fall and otherwise damage the scale or the surrounding area, and you want to avoid this. Likewise, you can protect the forklift from damage. They're easy to install and ready for impact!

Our bumper guards are easy to install and feature mounting holes on the sides. In the pictures, you can see them on the yellow surface.

Yes, you will need anchor bolts for your bumper guard and likely the floor scale so that it doesn't move around. Some companies call this a concrete installation kit, but we don't. Regardless, the bolts are not included.

No, the floor scale bumper guard isn't designed to be used on the pallet truck. Instead, you will put it on the floor around the floor scale. It's easy to install and will protect your equipment, forklift, and truck.

No. Rack guards are designed for use on the pallet racks. This is where you store the pallets until they're ready to ship. Typically, rack guards go on the racks to prevent people from injuring themselves.

You can purchase rack guards and bumper guards, which go around the floor scale to protect it from damage.

A machine guard is placed in front of things to avoid running into them. However, a bumper guard for a floor scale goes around the scale, preventing damage to the forks of the forklift and more.

It would be best to use rack guards for pallet racking. The bumper guard is designed to go around the floor scale to protect equipment from damage.

Yes! It's easy to install the bumper guard around the floor scale. We recommend putting each guard down around the floor scale first. Make the holes for mounting, remove the guards, and drill the holes. Then, simply use the bolts (not included) with your guards.

It's important for bumper guards to be yellow because this means high visibility. Everyone in the warehouse or facility will see and notice them, reducing the risk of the floor scale getting hit by something.

High visibility is important in industrial conditions because you want them to be easy to see. Otherwise, someone could hit the floor scale because they're not paying attention or didn't notice it because of its darker color.

Our bumper guards come in five sizes, all of which are easy to install. You can find 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3-foot-long styles. Please remember that the bolts are not included.

The first step is to choose the size of bumper guard you want from the drop-down list. Then, you will select the quantity you require. Once you've done those two things, you can click the "add to cart" button.

A popup will show with your cart information. You can continue shopping or view the cart and checkout.

We sell the bumper guards separately, so you will likely want four to go around the full perimeter of the floor scale.

Before ordering, you should measure one side of your floor scale. If it is square, they will all be that size, but you might require different sizes if it's a rectangular model. Make sure you do so from one corner to the other. When the bumper guards arrive, they will be easy to install as long as you have appropriate bolts and washers (not included).

We do offer returns and refunds for our yellow bump guards, as long as they haven't been hit with anything. You can learn more about our refund policy here.

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