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7600 E Pennsylvania Scale Digital Indicator Series


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POWER & FLEXIBILITY The 7600E adapts to the most demanding applications with a wide range
of outputs, options, and features. No need for expensive programming or expensive set-up. The 7600E is easy to use and install.

• (2) Programmable Serial Data Ports standard

• 300 Truck IN/OUT Tare Memories

• Smart SerialTM Setup programmable serial data strings

• Calibration designed specifically for Batching/Truck Scales

• Optional Analog Output (4-20 mA/0-10 VDC)

• Optional Digital Relay I/O with menu-driven Batching features

• Drives up to (8) 350 ohm or (10) 1000 ohm load cells

• Proven PLUS+ Series Main Board fits all Pennsylvania brand products

• ESD and RFI shielding are standard
• Stainless Steel enclosure with U-Bracket mount standard

  • SS Enclosure w/U-Bracket mount for wall or shelf
  • Pre-programmed Batch and Truck Scale options for easy set-up
  • Direct Keyboard entry of Setpoint values and Tare Weights
  • Truck IN/OUT with storage for up to 300 Tare Weights by numeric I.D.
  • Smart Serial™ programmable Serial Data strings
  • Tweak mode with 10 point Linearization for easy set-up and calibration
  • (2) Independent Full Duplex Serial data outputs for external communication
  • NTEP and Canada approved to 10,000 divisions