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SellEton SL-350-TM (NTEP) Heavy Duty Weighing module for Tanks, Hoppers, Vessels & Truck Scales

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SellEton's SL-350-TM weighing modules make tanks, hoppers, vessels, machinery & much more into a scale unit.

Both sides of the load cell are mounted down to the bottom plate for extra stability. This kit can be used in Heavy Duty or Super Duty applications in higher Capacities. Stainless Steel Indicator, charger, connection cable & Stainless Steel junction box with a 4-channel summing card is also included with this package.

All packages include the total weight capacity of all (4) load cells. Generally, it is best to have a 40 % higher capacity than needed. This way, load cells don’t go under the stress of too much weight.


Double Ended Load cell Beam

IP67 Load

Stainless Steel LCD or LED indicator

Stainless Steel Junction box ( 4 Channel )

Warranty: 5 years

SellEton SL-350-TM Weigh Module Frequently Asked Questions

Weigh modules or weight sensors, as they are also sometimes called, are specialist scales used in high-capacity applications. They are often used in industrial settings, as well as in the agricultural business and anywhere building large, custom machinery.

SellEton's SL-350-TM weighing scale module is commonly used as a tank, silo, vessel, and truck weigh module.

The setup is a combination of individual load cells and a mounting kit, which can be used together with a range of machinery and weighing systems. People can build their own weighing module by combining different components or buy a pre-calibrated and perfected kit- simplifying processes and letting them get straight to the projects at hand.

Depending on the setup, a weigh module can support side loads, eccentric loads, and top loads in heavy-duty and super-duty applications.

Each load cell has a base dimension between 8 x 10 inches and 16 x 25 inches, depending on the overall weight capacity.

Scales with a limit of either 20K or 25K Lbs (total between four cells) have a base width of 8 inches by 10 inches, everything from 30K to 100K is 10 inches by 14 inches, and 200K is 16 by 25 inches.

Speak to a representative for information about the dimensions of the 400K and 500K capacity kits, and see the brochure for further details of other measurements.

Everything you need to get your scale set up and ready to go is included in this kit. It comes with four load cells (the weight capacity of which depends on your selection), a stainless steel junction box to house connections, three or four compression mounts, a load cell cable (choose between standard issue and double-shielded), and an indicator screen.

You can choose between an LED or LCD indicator screen and choose either stainless steel or heavy-duty carbon steel for the stands. It comes with an included AC adapter, but you can also choose to have a battery included.

There are four load cells included in this weigh module kit. The weight capacity shown on the product option is the total combined limit of all four. To understand the individual limits, divide your chosen weight capacity by four.

Your stainless steel indicator can connect to a remote display using data output from the weight sensor. It can also connect remotely to multiple printers.

The indicator screen is what shows you the readings collected by your weigh modules. It has a splashproof display and keyboard and connects remotely on the go- so you can use it anywhere.

Other noteworthy features include an error warning alarm, which goes off automatically if issues are detected, count weighing capabilities, and multiple hold functions to make it more convenient and efficient.

The display itself is clear and easy to read- and comes in an LED or LCD design. It charges quickly and has an impressive battery life.

It is possible to buy individual weigh modules and mounts to create your own system, which is great for customization and more complex operations that don't fit standard setups and mount styles. That said, there are several advantages to buying the entire kit as one- especially the SL-350-TM by SellEton.

First of all, selection and installation processes are much simpler when using mounting kits together with weigh modules as part of a package. It saves time and complications when matching, finding, fitting, and installing the weigh modules, load cells, and mounts.

You can also rely on better accuracy, performance, and safety when you buy a pre-calibrated kit from a reputable brand like SellEton.

SellEton guarantees the accuracy of its scales and weighing modules. The company is one of the USA's leading manufacturers of industrial scales and has built its brand and reputation on reliability, quality, and accuracy.

Every SellEton SL-350-TM weigh module comes with a five-year warranty and professional technical support should you need it.

The SL-350-TM weighing module comes with a variety of weight capacities, ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 Lbs. You can select the capacity you need at the time of placing an order.

How do you choose the right capacity? The recommendation is to pick a weigh module that exceeds the maximum weight requirement significantly- usually by around 40%. If you expect the heaviest weight range you will use on the scales to be 100,000 Lbs., for example, the 140,000 Lbs. load cell would be the ideal choice.

This gives you some wiggle room if any tasks are heavier duty than expected and avoids too much stress on the individual load cells.

Customers can adapt their SellEton weigh module orders in several ways to meet their needs. Some of the customizable options include display type, data collection and output systems, and indicator stand material.

You can also choose to incorporate a printer or upgrade the weigh module kit to be explosion-proof (at extra cost). Of course, you can also choose from various weight capacity options depending on your requirements.

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