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SellEton SL-927 Heavy Duty Industrial Tension Link Scale

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SellEton's SL-927 series tension scales are highly accurate and display results in a large 1-inch LCD format for quick observation. Remote controls all the functions on the indicator, letting the user turn the power on/off or reset the scale. A patented electronic design creates exceptionally low power consumption allowing for up to 100 hours of continuous use. An automatic shutoff feature extends battery life by monitoring surrounding light conditions and turning the scale off if the ambient light prevents reading the display. This digital crane scale features automatic zero trackings to ensure proper weighing results during temperature changes or dust accumulation on the load-receiving element.

Indicator Features

  • Indicator Features

    • SL-7510 NTEP indicator with LED or LCD display
    • 1" Tall backlit display
    • Optional Rechargeable battery (up to 100 hrs)
    • Metal casing
    • AC adapter included 
    • Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz)
    • Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero
    • Multiple Hold functions
    • Count weighing
    • Accumulation weighing
    • Overload / Underload alarm
    • Splash-proof  keyboard and display
    • Connects to a remote display and printer
    • NTEP approved for 5,000 divisions
    • Displays up to 50,000 graduations
    • Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port
    • Stainless steel indicator for outdoor use available upon request

Load cell Features: 

  • Designed to measure high capacity load for cranes, hoists, and winches and used with shackles to measure force
  • Available in capacities ranging from 25,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs
  • The display shows both kg and lb measurements
  • Cost-effective solution for processing, monitoring, and controlling overhead loads
  • Lightweight and compact design with high capacity
  • Cost-effective solution for processing, monitoring, and controlling overhead loads
  • Used with shackles to measure force
  • Designed to measure high-capacity load for cranes, hoists, and winches
  • Selectable weighing units: lb and kg
  • Power: 110V-220V AC adapter, built-in rechargeable battery (up to 100 hrs)
  • 26’ load cell cable (more extended options available)
  • 5-year warranty 


FAQs About Our Tension Scale Products

The tension scale was originally designed to measure the tension of a telephone wire. However, tension meters are highly versatile for tension and weight measuring. If you require precision force or tension measurements, you'll likely need one.

The SL-927 tension scale is highly accurate and will display results on a larger 1-inch LCD format, offering quick observation. Ultimately, the remote controls all the functions of your indicator, which lets you turn the power off/on and even reset the scale.

We use a patented electronic design that features an exceptionally low power consumption, so you have 100 hours of continuous use. There's also an automatic shutoff feature, which will extend the battery life. This happens by monitoring surrounding light conditions. If the ambient light prevents reading your display, the tension link scale will automatically shut off!

Our digital crane scale will also ensure proper weighing results with dust accumulation or temperature changes in the load-receiving element because of its automatic zero-tracking option.

Yes! The tension scale on offer is designed to measure load cell scale tension in winches, hoists, and cranes. You can also use them with shackles to precisely measure force.

Our tension scale features a load cell, which offers many features and benefits. These include:

      Capacities ranging from about 25,000 pounds to 250,000 pounds

      Display results in pound and kilogram measurements

      Cost-effective for monitoring, processing, and controlling overhead loads

      Lightweight for all types of uses

      Available in LB and KG

      Power comes in a 110V to 220V AC adapter with a built-in rechargeable battery

      Lightweight and compact design

      Can use shackles to help measure force

      Designed for high-capacity loads in winches, hoists, and cranes

Our Digital tension scales have excellent displays, which feature these perks:

      Stainless steel indicator (upon request)

      Full RS-232 serial port

      Displays 50,000 different graduations

      NTEP approved for roughly 5,000 divisions

      Connects to remote printer

      Overload and underload alarm

      Accumulation weighing

      Count weighing

      Multiple hold functions

      Multiple weighing units

      AC adapter included

      Durable metal casing

      Optional rechargeable battery

Industrial tension scale products are usually the best solution when you want something compact and light. They're easy to transport, so they're ideal for load testing and elevator certification. However, dynamometers are often used to measure changes in the electrical signal when force gets applied to the system.

Sometimes, dynamometers are used as a substitute for crane scales in certain applications when trolleying and bridging under a load isn't required. However, they have a smaller range of movement and an exposed load cell, which makes them less durable in certain situations.

Countless industries use crane scales, such as:

      Manufacturers of shipping, tank, and boiler containers

      Concrete and cement products

      Marine cargo handling

      Vehicle manufacturing

      Energy production

      Metal working




In a sense, tension scales can take your overhead load monitoring to a new height (pun intended). You'll have real-time data at your fingertips and instant feedback, which will help you make better decisions that will prevent potential injuries and improve productivity.

You might already have an idea of where you'll use your tension scale and how it will benefit you. However, if you need help imagining the possibilities, here are the advantages of a crane scale:

• Helps You Weight Awkward Loads -
      With a crane scale, you can weigh awkward or heavy objects that would be difficult to do otherwise. In fact, you could lift any load; your only limit is the load limit of your crane.

• Frees Up Your Workspace -
      A tension scale is often suspended, which allows you to enjoy more of the floor space in your facility. This product will also help you have a safer workspace because you won't be transporting the objects you need to weigh.

• Reduce the Amount of Traffic (Forklift) within the Workplace -
      If you choose to use a tension scale in the workplace, you'll have more space on the floor. Likewise, forklift drivers will have more space to move around and complete their tasks. Ultimately, drivers can prevent crashes and make a clearer route for driving.

• Offers Accurate Measurements -
      When accuracy matters, a tension scale is your best friend. It provides an easy-to-see reading of the load weight and will help you move quickly and work faster.

• Saves Money and Time -
      Tension scales are easy to read, so workers won't take as much time to get the information they require. The digital reading means the worker simply records the numbers, which saves time. Likewise, you can save money because you have easy-to-operate equipment. You only require one person to use the scale and record data, allowing others to do different tasks.

Yes, there are different types of tension scales on the market. However, our tension link scale is streamlined, easy to use, and fits almost anywhere. This makes weighing things much faster, so workers can get on with their other tasks and be more productive.

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