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FAQs About Scale Manufacturers

What Applications Can People Handle with Industrial Scales?

Industrial scales and weighing systems are used in various industries to determine weight. For example, they are used in a laboratory to research, develop, and analyze chemicals for agriculture, fishery, and forestry industries. Likewise, warehouses use them for logistics, and production plants handle industrial products.

What Types of Weighing Scales Do You Have?

We offer various scales, including:

  • Floor scales
  • Counting scales
  • Platform scales
  • Digital scales
  • Truck scales
  • Bench scales
  • Crane scales
  • Medical scales
  • Portable scales
  • Retail scales
  • Pallet jack scales
  • Lift truck scales
  • Fairbanks scales
  • Mechanical scales

Can I Sell More Than One Type of Industrial Weighing Equipment?

Yes! You don't have to be a crane scale manufacturer to sell crane scales or other industrial scales. When you're a dealer through us, you can sell whatever you want.

How Do I Fill Out the Dealer Application if I Want to Sell Platform Scales?

Simply include your telephone number, full name, and email address. We also ask for your business name and type and the product you wish to resell.

Our team works with many truck scale manufacturers and other US scale manufacturers to bring the best industrial scales to those who need them. Whether you're looking to resell data acquisition systems or simply want those in your area to have an accurate weight measurement option, we can assist!

What Types of Products Do Industrial Scale Manufacturers Offer?

An industrial scale manufacturer has various types of scales, including:

  • Scales with Load Cells

This industrial scale features a strain gauge to detect load cell distortion. One side is fixed, while the sample is on the other side. This works well for laboratory scales, livestock scales, and much more.

  • Electromagnetic Scales

The internal workings of an electromagnetic scale are similar to a balance. The sample sits at one end, and the electromagnetic coil is on the opposite end. You require an electromagnetic force to maintain equilibrium to get accurate measurements from weight indicators.

  • Scales with Tuning Forks

Industrial scales with tuning forks measure the oscillation frequency of the sample when the load goes between two tuning forks. This converts frequency to weight at the maximum weight capacity.

What Are the Advantages of Working with Floor Scale Manufacturers?

If you resell floor scales from us, you can help people deal with their industrial weighing applications. Whether they're focused on food processing, industrial automation, or more accurate weighing solutions, you'll help them achieve their goals.

Can I Work with Different Scale Manufacturers?

USA-based companies often like scales suppliers who care. Whether you're focused on conveyor scales, pallet scales, or tank scales, you can work with various companies to meet your needs.

For example, some people focus on the scale design because they want something unique that will work in various situations. Others only like scales with load cells or prefer options with easy scale calibration. The possibilities are limitless, and you can definitely choose to sell multiple types of scales.

Will Digital-weighing Scale Manufacturers Come Up with New Products to Sell?

Digital scales are improving all the time. There have been many advances in technology to help companies measure weight effectively. In most cases, measurement accuracy is the most important aspect, though you also need heavy-duty scales that are easy to use and simple to understand.

Likewise, the analytical instruments are innovative. You can see the LCD screen with ease, which is essential for industrial environments. Browse our complete line of products to determine which options are right for you to resell!

What Are the Benefits of Reselling Products from Hanging Scale Manufacturers?

Hanging scales typically feature a large beam or hook to suspend the object being weighed. They work by suspending the item from the hook to measure the force amount to support it. When you resell these types of scales, you can help agricultural businesses get weighing products that meet their requirements. There is no need for a flat platform, which allows companies to weigh all types of items.

What Are Axle Scales, and Can I Resell Them?

An axle scale measures the weight of a truck's axle system. This is just one way to determine the overall weight of the vehicle, and it's one of the most accurate, as well. We do have these types of scales, and you're more than welcome to resell them.

I Don't See the Scale I Wish to Resell. Can You Help?

We've tried to make the dealer reseller's program easy to understand. However, if you can't find the scale you wish to sell, you may contact us at

What Is My Reseller Tax ID Number?

If you own a business where you buy products and resell them, you'll require a reseller's permit. This might be called a sales tax identification number, reseller's license, or resale number. It lets you collect and remit the sales tax to your state's Department of Revenue.

Do I Have to Fill Out the Full Form?

We only require you to include your email address, though we recommend filling out the entire form. This will help us understand the types of scales you wish to resell, such as spring scales, shipping scales, bathroom scales, and railroad scales. Likewise, we will learn more about your company to help us determine what you might like to resell.

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