SellEton SL-AIR-928 Air Plane Weigh Pad System with Capacity of 75,000 lbs!

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SellEton's SL-AIR-928 Weigh Pad System is one of a kind!

Equipped with our Multi-Channel SL-7561 indicator. you will be able to get total weight & individual wheel weight. In addition, the Briefcase indicator will come with a Built-in printer. Besides weight, you will be able to print & Display Date & time on paper. 

Specifications & design:

  • pad sizes:  24" (L)  x 16" (W) x 4" (H) &   28" (L) x 17" (W) x 4"  (H)
  • # of load cells: 6 per pad
  • Each pad Weighs: 55 lbs
  • Portable, low profile, heavy-duty weigh pads (designed to weigh small or large vehicles)
  • customizable with 2, 4, or 6 pads
  • Machined from lightweight, High strength aluminum
  • Comes with a Briefcase indicator & printer
  • Interlocking skid-resistant ramps
  • 33′ long metal shielded cable
  • Each Pad has a capacity of 25,000 lbs
  • The total capacity of this unit is 75,000 lbs. 
  • warranty 2 years on the platform, 1 year on electronics

Optional wireless Tablet or Military grade System with data collection software. 


  • Multi-Channel weighing
  • Axle Pads
  • Truck Scales
  • S-Link Load cells
  • Boat weighing
  • Trailer weighing
  • All scale platforms

FAQs About Buying an Aircraft Weighing System

There are many reasons why you would need an air weigh system to measure the balance and weight of a commercial aircraft. These include:

      Maintaining the correct balance and weight is ideal for safety. If you exceed the weight limits or operate at the wrong balance, you will affect the performance, structural integrity, and stability of the aircraft. Overall, aircraft scales will ensure that you're as safe as possible.

      Likewise, compliance is a huge concern in the flight industry. You must be compliant with all the rules and follow the manufacturer's guidelines. The best way to do that is through aircraft scales to be at the right balance and weight.

Load Planning
      Aircraft scales are also ideal for load planning. You must determine how to distribute cargo, passengers/customers, and fuel within. Accuracy matters when measuring the weight so that operators can load things correctly to ensure they're within the allowable limits. Though you probably have balance systems, a scale is also beneficial.

Assistance with Fuel Management
      Likewise, aircraft scales can play a crucial role for fuel management. When you are accurate with the measurement of the aircraft weight and fuel within, operators can monitor fuel consumption, calculate fuel burn rates, and make better decisions regarding refueling and fuel load operations.

Ideal for Repairs and Maintenance Tasks
      Having an air weigh scale system will also be great for repairs and maintenance. You need to know the aircraft weight you're dealing with after modifications and repairs to ensure that those changes don't negatively affect the weight distribution of your aircraft.

Typically, top-of-jack aircraft scales are popular. They involve jacking up the aircraft from the ground and putting load cells on top of those jacks at each point. When the aircraft's weight gets transferred to the jacking points, those load cells will detect the load or downward force applied, which generates an electrical signal similar to the load.

That signal is transmitted to the display or central processing unit for more calculations and analysis. The unit will combine readings from all load cells to find the weight. Of course, you'll have a lead time in place for all this to happen, but you can use the information to determine weights and much more.

Usually, aircraft weighing systems come in various weight capacity options. It all depends on the manufacturer and the aircraft type being weighed.

Aircraft scales will vary. In fact, we offer two options. Both feature six load cells per pad, and the pads weigh 55 pounds each. You can also customize them with various pad amounts to make your aircraft weight scales work for you!

Are you interested in buying an aircraft scale? It's important to understand the options available.

Here are the aircraft scale options sold on the market today:

Platform Scales
      This type of aircraft scale features platform sizes that range up to 80,000 pounds. They're used for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. You'll need to know what aircraft you'll be weighing, the total amount of each, the number of wheels, the weight per wheel, and much more.

      Overall, this aircraft scale is ideal for many situations.

Mobile Scales
      A mobile aircraft scale is also very popular. They are high-precision systems that are moved between hangars. Likewise, they feature ergonomic castors and handles.

      In fact, our aircraft scale is similar, though it's just a platform that you carry around where you need it. The low-profile design and accuracy offered make it an excellent addition to your arsenal of tools.

Top-of-Jack Weighing Systems
      The top-of-jack aircraft weight scale has a range of up to 450,000 pounds. They feature jacks that raise the airplane up and multiple load cells. Generally, with this aircraft scale, you'll need a way to lower the plane down to the jacks, which distributes the weight. Then, you can add them together to get the full weight.

When buying aircraft scales, you should focus on the lead time it will take to get it to you. Likewise, here are a few other factors to consider:

Aircraft's Weight Capacity
      The weight capacity of your aircraft weighing scales is the bedrock for reliable measurements. Airplanes have different specifications and sizes, so you want something accurate for anything.

Precision and Accuracy
      Precision is crucial when dealing with aircraft weighing. A small deviation from accuracy will have significant ramifications. Therefore, you need aircraft weighing scales that are highly accurate in all ways.

Mobility and Portability
      Aircraft often move between locations, so it's important to think about portability when buying aircraft weighing scales. They should also be easy to use. Overall, aircraft weighing is much easier when the tool is mobile enough to go anywhere.

Build Quality and Durability
      Precision balance systems are crucial in demanding environments. Aircraft weighing scales will see repeated use and various conditions, so they must be able to withstand those things without hurting accuracy.

Data Handling and Display
      Many aircraft weighing systems are now fully electronic because it's easier to get the measurements and read the data. You have to consider the software used and everything else.

Budget and Cost
      Aircraft weighing is crucial, and many people focus on long-term rentals to weigh the aircraft. However, when you buy your own aircraft weighing systems, you don't have to deal with lead time delays and other issues.

We make it easy to buy aircraft weighing scales from SellEton! You'll simply determine the capacity and size, decide if you want a scoreboard and carrying cart, and add the item to your cart. If you worry about lead time, it's wise to call us for assistance. In most cases, they ship quickly.

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