High-Quality Customized Floor Scales

SellEton’s Custom Floor Scale

Industrial weighing scales have a wide variety of applications in several industries. However, there is no one scale that fits the needs of all these different industries. For this reason, we are offering customizable weighing scales. Apart from choosing the size and capacity of your scale, you can also build your own, adding or removing features depending on your specific need.

If you build a custom floor scale based on the particular weighing tasks of your operations, it will be a more efficient and cost-effective tool that’s tailored to your business. Whether you’re using it for shipping, manufacturing, construction, automotive, or other applications, you can rest assured that you are getting the exact features you require.

Learn more about building your own industrial scale or any of our other products when you talk to our team. You can call us at (844)-735-5386, send us an email at info@selletonscales.com, or visit our Contact Us page here.