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About SellEton Scales

Selleton Scales — About Us 

Selleton Scales Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of scales and wrapping solutions for commercial and industrial applications.  We help businesses integrate scales and measuring devices into their business operations, ensuring high levels of reliability and improved productivity.  Our mission is simple — to provide businesses with extremely accurate scales at an affordable price!  

Located in Los Angeles, CA, our company works with businesses both within the United States and internationally.  We produce scales for a variety of applications and industries including agriculture, food production, transportation, healthcare, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.  Thousands of retail stores turn to Selleton Scales for extremely precise weighing and measuring devices for their business.  Our company also provides a scale installation service for larger projects.

SellEton Scales strives to create balance in the world, one scale at a time!

We are the leading provider of legal-for-trade scales

Any business that buys, sells, or charges based upon weight in the United States must use a legal-for-trade scale.  Legal-for-trade scales must be very precise and meet the standards set out by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

The National Conference on Weights and Measurement issues the NTEP Certificate of Conformance for devices that successfully comply with NIST standards.  Most states in the United States require weighing or measuring devices to have an NTEP certificate before they are placed into commercial service.

Selleton Scales has a wide range of NTEP-certified scales for different business applications.  We can also help your business test the accuracy of any existing weighing devices and obtain NTEP certification.

We provide scales and wrapping equipment for many different industries

Our company has worked with thousands of businesses from many different industries.  We stock 85 different types of scale products and more than 30 different truck scales.  Our range includes:

  • Industrial Scales
    Floor scales, bench scales, postal and shipping scales, pallet jack scales, drum scales, airplane scale kits, and cargo/pancake scales.
  • Vehicle scales
    Weigh pads, axle scales, and truck scales.
  • Table top scales
    Balance scales, counting scales, and table top scales.
  • Agricultural scales
    Livestock scales.
  • Food, medical and wheelchair scales
    Food and portion scales, medical scales, wash down scales, and wheelchair scales.
  • Wrapping machines
    We have a range of wrapping machines with integrated scales and printers. 
  • Accessories 
    We sell a wide range of accessories including cables, printers, pit frames, bumper guards, junction boxes and summing cards, and ramps.

We are leaders in smart scale technology, which can transmit data to any operating systems that you use.  Selleton Scales can install smart scales and ensure they are correctly integrated with any other data sharing applications you use. 

Our company also offers a bespoke scale design service.  We employ talented engineers who design and build custom scales that perfectly matched to the requirements of your business.

We provide incredible levels of customer service

Selleton Scales has a strong focus on customer service and always strives to exceed the expectations of our clients.  We understand the busy operational environments of businesses and carry out all transactions in an efficient, professional, and reliable manner. 

Our team is very responsive to any questions or requests from clients.

We make purchasing scales simple!
Selleton Scales employs a team of experienced sales consultants to make the purchasing process simple.  They have a strong understanding of the requirements of clients in different industries and can suggest the appropriate products.  Once you have decided on a product, we will quickly ship it out to you with 100% free shipping or make arrangements to install your purchase for you.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us at (844) 735-5386 or via email at


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