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SL-910 Scoreboard / LED Remote Display

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$299.00 - $2,145.99
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SellEton carries 5 different types of Scoreboards Options. 

Our scoreboards integrate with our Own SL-910 Series indicators. we also carry a 5" LED Scoreboard that can be integrated with most indicators. 

Contact us for details. 

FAQs About Our Scales with Remote Displays

Typically, remote displays are used for multi-platform truck scales that require people to be in other areas to get information. You can set up your remote displays in different rooms or outside, getting numeric data as needed.

Yes, you will get excellent weight data visibility with our remote displays. This means you can see the large LED displays anywhere because of the non-glare lens. Truck scales often have to sit outside, but you may move the remote displays to the indoor areas to increase visibility.

When you choose our remote displays for truck scales, you'll see these benefits:

    Easily Configured to Indicators
    Configured indicators are often the most challenging for remote displays on truck scales. However, ours makes it easy to set up, depending on your needs.

    Data Analysis Anywhere
    You might be on the go while trying to do multiple things at once. Our remote displays for truck scales allow you to grab data wherever you are, write it down (or put it in your mobile device), and analyze it whenever the need arises (or you have time).

    Get Accurate Weight Data
    Accuracy is crucial in almost all aspects of business. However, when you have weight data, remote displays will ensure that the information is accurate. Visibility is no issue because you'll enjoy great clarity and can see the information from far distances.

Remote displays are great for various industries and can work in hazardous and safe areas. We recommend utilizing them in industrial settings, including food, agriculture, production, and manufacturing, when weight is crucial.

In most cases, remote displays offer convenience and boost efficiency in production. You can control the remote terminal using various key presses. Likewise, the applications from the host terminal will work normally, even after connecting the remote display!

Almost all scale types offer remote display, such as:

    Truck scale remote display
    Crane scales with remote display
    Bench scales with remote display

Yes, this model will show different messages based on your needs. However, they must be configured to do so. Whether you're welcoming people, providing price information, or focused on weight, people can see the data from a great distance away.

Primarily, our remote displays are designed for indoor use, though we do have weather-resistant options that work well in outdoor applications if they are already shielded from sun and rain.

Attach a remote display to any of our scales and receive these helpful features:

    Suitable for most outdoor applications
    Large LED displays
    Non-glare lens
    See weight from scales at a far distance
    Impervious to dust and debris
    Easy to set up the indicators
    Can be configured for many applications
    Compatible with the SL-7510 indicators

We recommend that you do not sit the remote display in direct sunlight. It will be difficult for operators and technicians to see the numeric data (weight).

Mirror mode shows the weight information on both sides of the screen. The SL-910 scoreboard doesn't offer this feature.

You can show various types of weight information from your scales on our remote displays. Quadrant formats are one of them!

Yes! Once configured, you will have the capacity to read various weight data. The readouts are easy to see at far distances, and there should be no problem. These remote displays are highly dependable.

We recommend keeping your remote display away from smoke. It's ideal for use indoors, though we do provide options for water-resistant products. This will offer some protection against the elements.

If protection is a huge concern with your scoreboards, consider keeping them inside or shielded from the elements. Likewise, you may want them out of the way and off the floor for the best results.

If you're interested in this model of remote display, choose the type and size you prefer. Then, click the add to cart button. Go to your cart to checkout or browse for more items. We have a variety of scoreboards and scales to meet your needs, and they all are easy to connect and set up.

We have videos above that will help you connect the indicators and scoreboards. The first one focuses on connecting the SL-7510 indicator to the SL-910-X scoreboard. Alternatively, the second video is for the SL-7510 indicator and the SL-910-3 scoreboard.

Please review the correct video to attach the scoreboard to your scales. If you have a different model, please contact us for more information at

It's important for you to feel comfortable purchasing a scoreboard for your scales. Please get in touch with us by emailing if you have questions or concerns!

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