High-Quality Hanging Crane Scales

SellEton’s Hanging Crane Scales

If your company deals with huge and bulky loads that are often difficult to move around, and you need a weighing solution on a regular basis, turn to SellEton’s hanging crane scales. These industrial-grade weighing scales come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and price points to meet all your business needs.

Our hanging crane scales are durable and easy to use and transport, with accurate readings. They come with a range of feature sets including water resistance, and others that could be vital to the success of your weighing operations. They also come with easily readable screens for your convenience.

Find out more about our hanging crane scales or any of our other weighing equipment and accessories. Call us at (844)-735-5386 or send us an email at info@selletonscales.com. You can also get in touch with us when you visit our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also called spring scales or simply hanging scales, hanging crane scales are scales that allow you to suspend items that are awkwardly shaped and measure their weight. You may have seen examples of a commercial hanging scale being used to measure the weight of large fish. 

Instead of simply placing items on a loading platform, they are suspended on a hook and the weight reading is read from the dial or LCD display. Hanging scales have become the industrial standard of late due to their ease of use, portability, and space-saving design.

Hanging scales usually come in either hanging analog scales or digital hanging scales. The two perform the same functions and usually only differ in that digital hanging scales have an LCD display for showing the weight readings.

As a result, it is much easier to read the weight as well as tare digital hanging scales than analog hanging scales.

Selletone hanging scales are among the best on the market in terms of features, functionality, and reliability. The following are some of the features of a Selletone industrial hanging scale:

  • The hanging scales are durable
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Provide accurate readings
  • Water resistant cover 
  • Clear LCD display
  • Convenient remote control operation
  • Wide range of sizes and prices in stock
  • All our scales are approved which means you are guaranteed of getting an NTEP hanging scale

Buying digital hanging scales from Selletone Scales Inc is very easy if you buy online from our website.

All you have to do is look for an industrial crane scale for sale among the stock of items that we are selling and choose the one you want. There are specific filters to adjust the price range that you can use to make the selection process easier.

Once you find the hanging scales for sale that you want, and you confirm that they are in stock, simply add them to your cart and either continue shopping or head to the payment page. You can make your payment in a variety of ways including GPay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Shop Pay.

Selletone ships all its products to various locations throughout the US for free! Be sure to provide accurate information on the form provided for the shipping address.

The maximum weight that a scale can measure varies from one product to another. Some scales, for example, the SL-W-CR-6k Wireless Crane Scale, can carry up to 6,000 Lbs. 

If you are planning on measuring the weight of heavier items, you can even find a 10,000-lb crane scale, such as the SL-W-CR-10k Wireless Crane Scale, or one that can handle even more than that, such as the SL-W-CR-20k Wireless Crane Scale which is made to withstand up to 20,000 Lbs.

All products that you buy from the Selletone platform are subject to the company's return policy. 

This means if you find any defect in your hanging crane scale, you can return it within 14 days as long as you did not damage it yourself. All returned items must include a note from the buyer stating the reason why they returned or refused to accept delivery of the product.

The associated shipping costs of returning the product to Selletone will be paid for by the buyer, along with a 25% restocking fee that is applied to all returned products.