Drum Scale / portable Scales / wheelchair Scale

SellEton Drum scale features a spacious platform with two-way, easy-access integral ramps.  it also has built-in handles and wheel for ease of mobility and use in multiple locations. The scale fits through standard doors and can go wherever you need it for weighing drums, barrels and small crates. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Scales and Wheelchairs

This fantastic feature of drum scales with digital settings allows you to see the weight from far away. The remote display is used on truck scales and bridge cranes, as well as in any other circumstance where the person who has to check the weight is too far away to see it. It also helps in smoke, fog, and dust conditions because the LED display can be mounted wherever you want.

Your scales' accuracy will be significantly impacted by the environment in which you use them. People who need a drum scale tend to work in a busy space with noise, air movement, and vibration, which will impact the drum scale and how much it can weigh.

Due to the vibrating nature of the weighing platform, any movements in the environment will significantly impact measurement accuracy. Moreover, make sure the floor is as flat as possible, and avoid placing the drum scale on any ramp.

Most 55-gallon drum scales can get damaged if you use them all day, so if you need them to be in constant use, you'll need many of them so that they won't get damaged too soon. It is useless to rely on incredibly precise weighing scales that gradually lose precision over the day.

When deciding on the drum scale best for you, keep in mind its material, such as stainless steel or another solid metal.

The most reliable and efficient way to weigh people unable to stand is using wheelchair platform scales. Moreover, the TARE feature on a platform scale indicates that the scale is digital and can store hundreds of weight data for similar wheelchair models.

When using a wheelchair scale that is portable to weigh a patient, ensure they are correctly seated with their feet on the adjustable footrests and their arms resting. Once the patient is seated, their weight will be shown on the indication at the back of the drum floor scale base.

You won't likely need to know your load's exact weight down to the closest one-thousandth of an ounce when measuring hefty weights of 100 pounds or more. That's why drum scales for industrial purposes aren't used to weigh the mass of small things.

A portable wheelchair scale or drum scale can have several features, but the most important ones are the following.

  • Two wheels: Wheels will give you easy portability and allow you to roll the wheelchair scales across any floor or ramp.
  • A ramp: Ramps are the only way to get your patients on the weighing scale.
  • Two handles: This also makes the weighing device much more portable so that you can weigh anything anywhere you want.
  • Portability: Owning a portable drum scale is one of the best things ever, as you will be able to roll them over any floor or ramp, no matter the material.