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SellEton NEW Industrial 60" x 60" Floor scale / Pallet size / SS indicator

Original price $1,948.00 - Original price $2,348.99
Original price
$1,948.00 - $2,348.99
Current price $1,948.00

Dear customer, 

You are looking at our High quality 60' x 60' Floor scale Equipped with Full Stainless Steel Options. (read below)

This scale is used most in warehouses or other non-NTEP applications, SL-700 series is the most popular floor scale in service.  It is a very well-built basic model.  Also, It comes with a versatile PS-IN202 LCD indicator.


• Medium-duty industrial design

• Structural steel channel frame

• Height: 4″

• 4 Stainless Steel load cells

• Top load design

• Stainless Steel (waterproof) Junction Box. 

• 15′ load cell cable

• Rugged diamond deck tread plate

• 4 adjustable swivel steel feet

• Threaded eyebolt hole for lifting

• PS-IN202 LCD  ( 2 Rs-232 ports ) 

• 5-year warranty!

SellEton’s Smart Scales can be connected to your computers, tablets, and Smartphones via USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Radio Frequency channels. 

SellEton carries Many inexpensive software to process, save, print, and distribute the weighing data on your devices. 

Smart scales could easily enhance your productivity and save your labor costs. At SellEton, we strive to provide excellent products & services!

Even if you are not ready for the Smart Scales additional options, it is always a good idea to purchase a 'Smart Scale Ready device so you can upgrade them anytime you think it's time. 

Extra charges do apply for all upgrades mentioned Above. Please contact us via email at

Attention: This scale is great for outdoor applications. It is equipped with Stainless Steel Load cells, a Stainless Steel Junction box & Stainless Steel Indicator.  It can be used in geographic locations where it is humid or rains. 

SellEton’s Shipping policy: 

FREE SHIPPING to a business address in the US 48 continental States. 

$100 Extra shipping cost to residential. 

$50  Extra for lift gate services. So if you don't have a forklift or loading dock, you will need this service. 

Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico customers, please call us for a shipping quote. 

To make things easier.… Please provide us with your Phone number & Company name if you are buying for a business. 

Thank you,

FAQs About Pallet Scales

Our industrial floor scales are the top choice among companies of all types. You can't go wrong when you buy one, but we realize you might still have questions. Let us help you determine if a floor scale is right for you!

A floor scale, often called a pallet scale, is a traditional device that measures weight and operates similarly to a counting scale. Every receiving or shipping department needs floor scales to track the weights of bulky and palletized items for shipping. Likewise, they can be used when weighing things that are 10,000 pounds or less.

Typically, an industrial floor scale uses a diamond plating, which offers traction to prevent employees from slipping.

Our floor scales are excellent and can be used to weigh heavy-duty loads, items bigger than traditional scales, and oversized objects. Likewise, they can be used in many different industries to measure chemical totes, large pallets, and everything else. You'll find that our floor scales have a durable design, so they're strong enough to be used in harsh environments for long periods.

A commercial scale is lighter and more compact, so it's ideal for small items. However, when you have heavy loads, you require heavy-duty floor scales or platform scales to deal with those things.

If you're often weighing heavy-duty things, such as vehicles designed for legal for trade purposes, you'll need floor scales.

Load cells are the sensors converting pressure into measurable units. They're used because they have long lifespans and more accuracy. If you have an industrial floor scale without one, you will see inaccurate results over time.

In most cases, industrial scales have more advanced features and offer accurate weighing, so they are more expensive. Plus, they're heavy-duty for use in industrial settings.

If you find other weighing systems too small for your needs, heavy-duty floor scales are the best solution. Plus, platform scales can help you weigh many smaller items at once.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a floor scale that meets your needs:

      • Suitable for your specific requirements

      • Strength of your flooring

      • Ramp or bench requirements

      • Ideal size and color of the floor scale

      • If you can use it for legal for trade products

      • The ideal height from the ground up

      • The weight capacity and calibration

      • Whether it's suitable for chemicals or food

      • How accurate the pallet scale is

      • Weight of the objects

      • How often you weigh things

Sometimes, free shipping is available when you pay using your Amazon Prime account. Other payment options will require a shipping fee.

We have many floor scales available, which include:

      • Legal-for-trade bench scales

      • Build-your-own scales

      • Heavy-duty weigh bar beams

      • Scales built with scoreboards and printers

      • Warehouse floor scales

      • Scales with/without ramps

      • Pallet scales and smaller options

      • Stainless steel options

You can use a floor scale for many applications, and here are the most common:

  • Weighing Outgoing/Incoming Goods - A floor scale can accurately weigh outgoing and incoming goods, such as shipments, containers, and pallets. It will verify the good's weight, ensuring that you invoice everything correctly and focus on shipping compliance.
  • Order Packing and Picking - Your floor scale can be used to deal with order fulfillment. It's easy to verify the weight of the items packed or picked, so customers get the right quantity of things in the order. This reduces errors and improves accuracy while enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Control - Scales are crucial for inventory management because they accurately weigh the stored goods. You know what you have in stock and can track everything. Plus, it's easier to optimize your storage space.
  • Receiving and Shipping - Floor scales are often used at receiving and shipping docks to weigh the shipments as they come and go. This will ensure compliance for weight restrictions, but you'll also calculate the shipping prices accurately and give appropriate weight data in the documentation.
  • Bulk Material Handling - Our floor scales can weigh bulk materials, such as liquids, grains, and aggregates. Therefore, you'll know how much weight there is when unloading and loading. Plus, you can keep track of inventory and give the right amount when blending or manufacturing items.
  • Quality Control - A floor scale makes quality control efforts easier because you know the exact weight of the materials and products. You can determine any discrepancies, which means your items meet appropriate specifications. This is essential in industries where weight might be a critical factor, such as chemical manufacturing or food processing.
  • Hazardous Materials Management - If your industry handles hazardous materials, you need a floor scale that can weigh containers, drums, and barrels. Our products can withstand the corrosive substances you deal with daily, ensuring that your employees stay safe and that your measurements are highly accurate.
  • Logistics and Transportation - You often see floor scales in logistics and transportation hubs because they must frequently weigh cargo, freight containers, and oversized things. You can determine the shipping costs, balance the load for transport, and much more.
  • Manufacturing - When you integrate floor scales into the manufacturing process, you can monitor the weight of finished products, components, and raw materials. This means better quality control and blending of ingredients.

Floor scales are crucial because they offer precise measurements of the good's weight. You'll see improved efficiency and accuracy, so it's easy to track inventory levels and make sure you've got the right amount of product. Here are a few more advantages of our floor scales:

  • More Safety - Floor scales offer an accurate weight measurement, so they help prevent you from overloading the vehicles and equipment.
  • Less Waste - Accurate weight measurements will reduce waste because you know you're using or shipping the right amount of product.
  • Save Money - When you improve efficiency and accuracy, you'll reduce labor costs, and floor scales can help you do that!
  • More Accuracy - Our floor scales give you an accurate measurement of large pallets, goods, and containers. You'll determine the weight of the item, which is crucial for shipping, inventory control, and receiving. This data will help you avoid overloading and much more.
  • Better Material Handling - When you integrate industrial scales into the warehouse, materials are weighed when they're moved. Therefore, you don't need separate weigh stations and extra steps for handling, which saves time and effort. Overall, it will streamline the process, which means you can quickly move goods
  • Real-time Management - Heavy-duty industrial scales are usually connected to an inventory management system, which means you can monitor and track levels in real time.
  • Load and Safety Distribution - Choosing a floor scale from us means that it will contribute to safety. You won't overload the containers or pallets, and you'll know the best weight distribution numbers to ensure you have balanced loads. Overall, you'll lower your risk of damage and accidents during material handling processes.
  • Versatile - A floor scale is there to handle the heavy loads and withstand the environment in which you work. They will endure frequent use, harsh conditions, and heavy equipment with ease. Plus, our scales can accommodate various items, so they're versatile for any warehouse's needs.
  • Safety Compliance - Many industries have strict safety regulations in place, such as pharmaceuticals and food. Therefore, you require a floor scale that will help you meet those requirements. When things are weighed accurately, you have traceability and protection because you did everything right.

Free Shipping: Available across 48 continental USA. Extra charges may apply for residential, farm, or rural areas.
Express Shipping: Overnight and faster shipping options available at additional costs. Quotes obtainable via email.
Delivery Time: Typically 5 to 7 business days, varying by location and external conditions.
Tracking Information: Provided via email upon shipment. Accessible through account login. Additional information available upon request.
Return Policy: 15-day return period for unused, original condition products. A 25% restocking fee applies. Buyer covers original and return shipping costs.
Customer Support: Contact at (844)-735-5386 or for queries or concerns about shipping.

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