SL-K120 Industrial Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine with Built-in Scale l 5000 lbs x 1 lb

SL-K120 Industrial Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine with Built-in Scale l 5000 lbs x 1 lb

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You are looking at our "One-Stop" Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine with Built-in Scale.



  •  This Stretch Wrapping system offers you high performance, durability, economy, and maximum versatility to meet you packaging application needs.
  •  The built-in scale can increase your work efficiency: you can weigh your pallet while it is being wrapped.
  •  This stretch wrapper offers a convenient and cost-effective way to atomize your stretch wrapping application. 
  • With and easy to use indicator with built in label printer. This model is 150%-200 % Pre–Stretch Turntable/ Frame 



58" Diameter, 3/8" Laser-Cut Steel Plate

5000 lbs. Load Capacity

ANSI# 50 Chain Drive w/ Adjustment-Tensioning

Electronic Soft Start/Stop

1-12 RPM Variable Speed

1/2 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor

Low Profile

Home Proximity Position Sensor

No Maintenance, No need to Lube Drive System

Sealed Double Bearing (No Lubrication needed) 12" Flywheel Drive

8 point Heavy Duty Phenolic Lined Dual Bearing Support System

Built-in Forklift Channels

Tower with Tilt-Down Hinge for Easy Shipping


Carriage Features:

20" Film Capacity

1/3 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor

Clutch Control Film Holder

Automatic Pallet Height Sensor with adjustable sensor position

Film Stabilizing Roller

Phenolic Carriage Guide

Gear Twin Pre-Stretch Rollers, available up to 200% Pre-Stretch

Safety Stop Switch on Carriage


Control Features:

On/Off with Power Indicator Light

Home Position Button

On the Fly Carriage Pause Switch

On the Fly Variable Turntable Speed Control

On the Fly Variable Carriage Speed Control

Manual Carriage Up/Down Switch

Turntable Jog Switch

Omron PLC with Communication Port

Motor Starter with Overload Reset and Electrical Overload Protection

Top and Bottom Wrap Repetition Counter (0-3)

Carriage Up and Down Switch


Machine & Control Specifications:

Production Speed : 35-45 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration

Load Size : 53" x 53" x 82"

Maximum Load Weight : 5,000lbs

Power: 110V, 60Hz, 16 Amps

Machine Weight: 1769 lbs

Height: 9’

Scale Specifications:

Capacity : 5000 lbs

Accuracy: 1 lb

Indicator Power: 110V power cord using machine power

Display: LED Indicator with built in Label Printer Auto Zero function