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SellEton SL-700-4x4 (48" x 48") Industrial Floor Scale l Warehouse Pallet

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$699.00 - $2,698.99
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Smart Scales can be connected to your computers, tablets, and Smartphones via USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Radio Frequency channels.

Carries Many different inexpensive software so you can process, save, print, and distribute the weighing data on your devices.

Smart scales could easily enhance your productivity and save your labor costs. We strive to provide excellent products & services!

Even if you are not ready for the Smart Scales additional options, it is always a good idea to purchase a 'Smart Scale Ready device so you can upgrade them anytime you think it's time. 

Extra charges do apply for all upgrades mentioned. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us  

For most warehouses or other non-NTEP applications, the SL-700 series is the most popular floor scale in service.  It is a very well-built basic model.  It comes with a versatile SL-7515 indicator. 


  • Medium-duty industrial design
  • Structural steel channel frame
  • Height: 4″
  • 4 alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Top load design
  • ABS NEMA 4x junction box with excitation trim board
  • 15′ load cell cable
  • Rugged diamond deck treadplate
  • 4 adjustable swivel steel feet
  • Threaded eyebolt hole for lifting
  • SL-7515-C indicator w/ serial output
  • Package configured & calibrated
  • 5-year warranty!


If you are going to use the scale outdoors, you Must have a Stainless Steel indicator, Stainless steel Load cells & Stainless steel junction box. This is to reduce / Eliminate chances of rust & Error in readings. 

Scales are not waterproof “AS IS” but we could upgrade it, So in case you leave it in the rain or if you are located in regions of the country that is humid, it can still operate. 

FREE SHIPPING to a business address in the US 48 continental States. 

$100 Extra shipping cost to residential. 

$50  Extra for lift gate services. So if you don't have a forklift, you will need this service. 

Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Alaska customers, please call for a shipping quote. 


Thank you, 


FAQs About Digital Floor Scales (Industrial)

When working in tough industrial environments, having the right tools is crucial; floor scales are an excellent addition to any company. When searching for an industrial scale, it's essential to know that different industries have varying industrial applications. Hence, you need a brand that offers capacities ranging from small weights to heavy-duty options.

Our floor scales work for many industries, offer ingress protection, and can weigh whatever you require. We realize you may have questions about our products, so we've included a list of FAQs below. These should help you learn more and understand what these floor scales can do for you. Let's find out more!

Can normal floor scales handle the job effectively and send the values to the computer to help you analyze your data and experience success? Digital floor scales are often tough because they are accessed by a small ramp or built-in platform area to make it easier to offload and load. They're used in many applications to quickly and effectively weigh goods, such as loaded pallets and drums.

Companies use digital floor scales for various reasons, and here are the main advantages of considering one:

      • Digital floor scales hold more than traditional scales. They're also designed to accurately weigh large objects.

      • Sometimes, the floor scales are portable and can be stored out of sight when they aren't required. This will save space.

    • They've been built to handle the strains and stresses of a modern warehouse. Alternatively, low-quality floor scales often require repairs and will break more easily.

Commercial floor scales are generally more compact and lighter, though they're still reliable weighing systems. However, industrial scales are bigger and handle heavy items.

Overall, you might need a large floor scale to deal with pallets, and industrial digital floor scales are often referred to as pallet scales.

Likewise, industrial floor scales often use load cells, but commercial floor scales don't.

You'll use commercial floor scales for quick measurements of small items that can be carried. However, you'll require a digital industrial floor scale when you have something too large or heavy to weigh normally. Typically, commercial balances in floor scales are approximations. Therefore, you will want an industrial scale if you need exact measurements.

Understanding the many floor scales and types is crucial here.

Floor scales for industrial use require load cells. These are sensors that help convert the pressure on the floor scales into measurable units.

Overall, floor scales with load cells have longer lifespans and more accuracy.

Floor scales like these have better features. Industrial scales must be more accurate, have higher weight capacities, and be sturdier. Overall, these weighing systems are heavy, so they're not portable.

Still, you can find movable industrial floor scales that can be packed out of sight when you don't need them. We can help you find appropriate floor scales for your company.

There are many weighing systems available, but floor scales don't balance weight or suspend in the air. Overall, floor scales must be placed on the ground, and the space should be even. Otherwise, the floor scales won't work correctly.

When traditional floor scales aren't big enough for you, it's time to choose industrial scales. Overall, these floor scales are helpful when you're weighing large quantities of small items. Instead of weighing them in many sections, you can put them on your floor scales simultaneously.

Sometimes, industrial scales have special features, such as the ability to link to an app. However, the process is similar for all digital floor scales. Put the items on the floor scales and see the weight.

You should consider these aspects for digital floor scales:

      • Ramp/bench included

      • Platform sizes

      • Stainless steel construction

      • Easy cleaning options for floor scales

      • If the floor scales can be used to make sure the item is legal for trade

    • Calibration speeds and weight capacities of floor scales

Industrial floor scales have many benefits, but you need the right one.

Automobile digital floor scales are needed to see if big vehicles are legal for trade. In pharmaceuticals, you'll need pallet scales for accurate weighing. These are the two primary floor scales.

We offer many industrial floor scales, which include:

      • Stainless steel construction floor scales

      • Heavy-duty floor scales

      • Digital floor scales

    • Many others

You'll receive your digital floor scales, but the other contents in the box depend on the purchase. Some digital floor scales offer unique features, such as a printer.

Typically, we offer free shipping for digital floor scales to business addresses in the continental US. If we ship the digital floor scales to a residential property, we add $100. Likewise, you will require lift gate services for your floor scales if you don't own a forklift, which costs extra.

Though digital floor scales are popular, we offer others, such as:

Bench Scales
      - These come in many sizes and focus on accuracy.

Platform Scales
    - Platform scales help you get accurate weights for big objects. Our platform scales feature a low profile to boost efficiency. Overall, our platform scales are rugged and reliable in any situation. Plus, the platform scales feature stainless steel to handle abuse.

The maximum weight for our digital floor scales varies. You can find this information in the brochure of the digital floor scales you prefer.

Our digital floor scales can be used outside, though you'll need a stainless steel junction box, load cells, and indicator to prevent rust and errors. Our digital floor scales aren't waterproof, but we offer upgrades.

If you want to upgrade your floor scales for easy cleaning and outside usage, it will cost $399.

Typically, our digital floor scales are delivered in five to seven business days, but this can vary. Likewise, we offer express shipping services for our digital floor scales, and you can get a quote by emailing

Generally, our products, which include floor scales, are eligible for free shipping when you're in the continental USA. Once your floor scales ship, you will receive a confirmation email and tracking number to see when the digital floor scales will arrive.

Free Shipping: Available across 48 continental USA. Extra charges may apply for residential, farm, or rural areas.
Express Shipping: Overnight and faster shipping options available at additional costs. Quotes obtainable via email.
Delivery Time: Typically 5 to 7 business days, varying by location and external conditions.
Tracking Information: Provided via email upon shipment. Accessible through account login. Additional information available upon request.
Return Policy: 15-day return period for unused, original condition products. A 25% restocking fee applies. Buyer covers original and return shipping costs.
Customer Support: Contact at (844)-735-5386 or for queries or concerns about shipping.

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