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Wireless Floor Scales

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Selleton Scales offers a variety of industrial scales, including wireless floor scales. These scales provide accurate and reliable weight measurements, while also offering the convenience of wireless connectivity. With a wireless floor scale, you can easily transmit weight data to a remote computer or display, without the need for cables or wires. This makes these scales ideal for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, where mobility and flexibility are important.

In addition to wireless floor scales, Selleton Scales also offers cordless scales for high-traffic environments. These scales are designed to be highly portable and easy to use, making them ideal for use in busy warehouses and other environments where mobility is important. With a cordless scale, you can quickly and easily move the scale from one location to another, without the need for cables or wires. This makes it easy to weigh items that are being transported around the warehouse or production facility.

Another useful feature of Selleton Scales' wireless floor scales is the ability to install the indicator on a forklift to see the readings. This is particularly useful in environments where space is limited or where frequent weight measurements are required. By installing the indicator on a forklift, you can easily weigh items as you transport them around the facility, without the need to stop and use a separate scale. This can help to save time and improve efficiency in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

Overall, Selleton Scales' wireless floor scales and cordless scales offer a range of benefits for industrial and commercial applications. With their reliable and accurate weight measurements, along with their convenience and flexibility, these scales are an excellent choice for any business that requires fast and accurate weight measurements. Whether you need to weigh items on a production line, in a warehouse, or in any other high-traffic environment, Selleton Scales has the right scale for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Wireless Floor Scale?

A wireless floor scale is like the standard floor scale. However, these models feature built-in wireless communication. Therefore, they don't need cables or cords.

Also known as a cordless or cable-free scale, a wireless floor scale meets these devices' main objective: measuring weight. However, they transmit weight data to remote computers or displays.

Do You Offer Industrial Wireless Floor Scales?

Yes, we do! SellEton Scales has a wide range of industrial scales, including wireless floor scales.

We understand that operation, production, and manufacturing require reliable, strong, and accurate scales. Therefore, we are committed to offering high-quality, strong, and durable options.

Furthermore, our industrial wireless floor scales are available in different sizes and capacities, with different price ranges to fit your budget and needs. You can also find models with multiple feature sets, software, and accessories for many industries.

If you're looking for a portable industrial scale, we also offer some great options. They're ideal for specialized environments.

Why Should I Consider Wireless Floor Scales?

With these models, you can reap all the benefits of wireless connectivity while getting accurate and reliable weight measurements. However, when it comes to industrial and commercial applications, wireless floor scales offer many other advantages.

First, they offer convenience and flexibility. If you can move your equipment when you need to, you can get weight measurements anywhere. Consequently, you can save space in critical locations and avoid disruptive downtime.

Also, if you choose cordless floor scales, you will need less equipment and eliminate the construction, electrical, and digging work required to install these tools. You'll also save money!

What Are The Benefits Of A Wireless Weight Scale?

To sum up, these are the benefits that companies can enjoy if they go wireless with their floor scale solutions:

  • Ultimate flexibility and convenience in floor scale placement
  • No scale project limitation due to cabling requirements
  • No strategic placement and construction planning required
  • No investment in power sources placement required
  • No expensive and time-consuming construction needed
  • No tripping hazards due to exposed cables in high-traffic areas
  • Enhanced efficiency in production areas
  • Energy cost and equipment purchases savings
  • No disruptive downtime
How Can a Wireless Scale Help You Avoid Tripping Hazards?

Many companies and operators must invest money and time to bury standard scales' cables so they aren't exposed on the floor.

However, with a wireless scale, you can eliminate tripping hazards in high-traffic areas since there will be no cords posing risks to workers, visitors, or operators.

When Is a Wireless Floor Scale Useful?

A wireless floor scale can be ideal in several situations, including the following:

  • High-traffic areas where avoiding tripping hazards is essential
  • On-site construction is so expensive and should be reduced
  • Critical locations requiring easy and quick installation
  • Facilities with frequent station changes requiring easy-to-move equipment
  • Hygienically sensitive environments where frequent cleaning is essential
  • Facilities with reduced manufacturing floor space
I'm Looking for a Smart Scale that Can Measure Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, and Basal Metabolic Rate. Can I Find It At SellEton Scales?

Unfortunately, we don't offer personal scales with lean body mass and other body composition measurements. SellEton Scales' products have been designed for commercial and industrial applications.

How Can I Pick the Best Wireless Scale?

If you want to choose the best wireless scale, you should consider different aspects, including the following:

  • Your needs and requirements
  • The scale's display
  • Floor strength
  • Weight capacity
  • How often you weigh
  • Your objects' weight
  • Weight accuracy
  • Materials and designs
  • Recommended applications for a chosen scale
  • Calibration speed
  • Height from the ground
  • Color and size
  • Shipment cost
  • Portability
  • Sale on bulk orders

Also, depending on how you will use this appliance, you should know if the scale is suitable for food or chemicals, if you need a ramp or bench included, and more.

Can I Buy Wireless Truck Scales at SellEton Scales?

Yes, you can! We also offer truck scales for different industries. SellEton Scales provides high-quality solutions to weigh vehicles and their contents accurately.

In addition, our catalog features certified truck scales, which are the ones that comply with the regulations established by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). Therefore, you can be sure that they are reliable and accurate.

NTEP-approved scales are also Legal For Trade, so you can use them if your brand or company sells items based on weight.

Which Wireless Floor Scale Can I Buy at SellEton Scales?

We offer the NTEP-certified SL-800-W wireless floor scale. It's ideal for different industries and is available from $1,322.99.

Is Your Wireless Floor Scale Available in Different Sizes?

Yes, it is! Our wireless floor scale is available in the following sizes:

  • 24"x24' (2',x2')
  • 24"x36" (2'x3')
  • 36"x36" (3'x3')
  • 40"x40"
  • 48"x48" (4'x4')
  • 48"x60" (4'x5')
  • 48"x72" (4'x6')
  • 48"x96" (4'x8')
  • 60"x60" (5'x5')
  • 60"x84" (5'x7')
  • 60x96" (5'x8')
  • 72"x72" (6'x6')
  • 84"x84" (7'x7')

There are also several options when it comes to capacity and accuracy, including the following:

  • 1000lb x .2lb
  • 2500lb x .5lb
  • 5000lb x 1lb
  • 10,000lb x 2lb
  • 20,000lb x 5lb
Do You Offer Printer Options and Upgrades?

Yes, of course! When purchasing one of our wireless floor scales, you can choose different printer, scoreboard, and ramp options.

Plus, we offer water-resistant upgrades, bumper guard protection, and more for an additional cost.

What Are The Main Features Of Your Wireless Floor Scale?

Our floor scale is innovative and functional, with different features to help you make your weighting tasks easier, including the following:

  • Multiple weighing units available on LCD, such as lb/kg and (g/oz/lb:oz)
  • Accumulation weighing
  • Overload and underload alarm
  • Power saving mode
  • Multiple hold functions
  • Automatic date and time update
  • Gravity modifications based on different geographical locations
  • Connects to a remote display
  • Connects to multiple printers
  • NTEP-approved for 5,000 divisions
  • 100% manual zero range setting
  • Displays up to 50,000 graduations
  • Automatic error warning alarm
  • And more!
Do You Offer Other Types of Scales?

Yes, you're right! In addition to wireless floor scales, we have the best smart scale for you!

Our catalog includes wireless scales, smart scales, platform scales, bench, cane/tension link scales, wheelchair/portable scales, heavy-duty truck scales, pallet jack scales, and more!

How Much Does Your Most Expensive Wireless Floor Scale Cost?

Our most expensive wireless floor scale costs $7,498.00 without upgrades, accessories, or additions. However, as mentioned, we have multiple options, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! All of our products are eligible for free shipping across the country. However, your purchase must meet some conditions. Check our shipping policy or contact us for more information.

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