Prime Scales

Selleton Scales L.L.C is the leading provider of scales and wrapping solutions for industrial and commercial businesses in the United States. We are proud to work in partnership with many of the the world’s best scale manufacturers including Prime Scales.

Prime Scales manufactures a wide range of scales, which we make available to our clients at an affordable price. They are a popular choice amongst commercial clients who are looking for products that are well-made and provide great value-for-money.

Selleton Scales keeps an extensive range of Prime Scales products in stock and offer same-day shipping from our warehouses in Los Angeles and Miami. Because we have so much stock on hand and two warehouse locations, we can ship products much faster than our competitors. Most clients in the United States will receive their delivery within two days.

In addition to offering fully built scales, we stock a wide range of replacement parts for Prime Scales, including cables, indicators, load cells, and junction boxes. Our experienced consultants will help you find the part you need to repair or maintain your scales.

If you have any questions about the Prime Scales products we stock, please contact us on (844) 735-5386 or send an email to You can also read-on to learn more about Prime Scales and the products that we stock.

About Prime Scales Prime Scales has been manufacturing load cells, bench scales, counting scales, medical scales, balance scales, food/deli scales, scale indicators, and many other products for over 30 years. During this time, they have established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of scales in the United States.

Their mission is to the create the world-class scales that American businesses need — at an affordable price. All of their scales are constructed to a high-standard and many of their products are NTEP approved.

Prime Scales uses rigorous testing procedures to ensure all scales are accurate, durable, and fit for purpose. They test the accuracy of each scale multiple times, including on the day they ship the scale from their warehouse. They also offer excellent support through their 24/7 phone helpline.

Prime Scales has been producing truck scales since 2012 and medical scales since 2013. They intend to keep growing their product line and delivering their world-class products to customers around the world.

Prime Scales Products Some of the Prime Scales products we stock include:

• Pocket scales Prime Scales portable scales are small weighing instruments ideal for use in schools, laboratories, and jewelers. They are extremely accurate and reliable. • Floor scales These floor mounted top-loading scales are ideal for weight everything from food to palleted cargo. We stock a wide range of Prime Scales floor scales and parts. • Truck scales The truck scales made by Prime Scales are extremely durable and built-to-last. We stock several Prime Scale truck scales, including NTEP truck scales with extremely large weighing capacities. • Axle scales Axle scales are fitted to a track or road surface to determine the weight of road vehicles by adding up their axle loads. Prime Scales axle scales feature a heavy duty design using multiple envelope shear beam load cells. • Livestock and veterinary scales Prime Scales livestock and veterinary scales are solidly constructed, with stainless 304 steel platters and steel frames. Anti-slip rubber covers help animals maintain their footing and full bridge load cells ensure accurate weighing. • Load cells We stock a full range of load cells that are compatible with Prime Scales products. • Portable drum scales Prime Scales portable drum scales make weighing drums simple. They feature a heavy duty industrial design with steel sheer beam load cells. The rugged diamond deck tread plates provide traction. Side handles make it easy to move the scale between locations. • Airplane scales It’s critical to accurately weigh and balance cargo that is going on an aircraft. Prime Scales airplane scales make this task simple.

• Pallet jack scales We stock the PS-5000PJL Pallet Scale, a heady-duty industry scale with a 5000 lb capacity in 1 lb increments. This scale comes with 4 alloy steel shear beam load cells, rubber rimmed wheels, and a Stainless steel NEMA 4X junction box. • Shipping scales Selleton stocks a full range of Prime Scales shipping scales, from professional counting scales to postage scales. • Food scales Prime Scales offer several types of food scales that are affordable, accurate and built to last. We can help you choose the right food scale for the acuities you often perform. • Wrapping machines & much more Selleton is a leading supplier of wrapping machines in the United States. We can help you choose the perfect wrapping machine for your business.

Why Choose Selleton Scales? Selleton Scales has been providing world-class scales and wrapping products to commercial and industrial clients for many years. Since establishing our business, we have built a reputation for professionalism, reliability, affordability, and quality.

We also take great pride in the level of our customer service, with each client being treated with great respect and appreciation. Our friendly team won’t be happy unless you are completely satisfied with our services and the performance of your purchase.

If you have any questions about the Prime Scales products we stock, please contact Selleton Scales on (844) 735-5386 or send an email to