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SL-915 NTEP Legal for trade (Certified) Bench Scales & Free Data collection software!

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NTEP bench scales are used in legal for trade applications. The design and engineering behind these bench scales allow them to be more heavy duty and weigh more precisely. 

SellEton is offering Free Data collection software for all bench scales! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Bench Scale?

Bench scales are used specifically when weighing items on a counter or table. Despite having a modest footprint, they have a sizable weighing pan. Because they include an integrated indicator and keypad, certain bench scales are regarded as "compact." Others include a platform with an easily seen, removable indicator that you can install on a wall.

Bench scales are a middle ground; they aren't made to weigh extremely light or very heavy items.   They come in a wide range of platform sizes and housing designs and can be used in a variety of contexts.

These scales offer the features and precision required for a wide range of organizations, from small offices to huge factories, and are both affordable and simple to use. Furthermore, bench scales can be used practically anywhere, from veterinary offices to kitchens, industrial environment settings, or retail outlets, and they make professional weighing solutions accessible to those with limited budgets.

What Are Bench Scales Used for?

Bench top scales, also known as benchtop weight scales, are used for swift and precise weighing, counting, mixing, and check-weighing (this is why they need a stainless steel platform - to ensure the items put on them are not contaminated). This accelerates your operation and boosts profitability.

We have a scale to fit your needs, whether you need a hygienic stainless steel platform scale to ensure quick and easy cleaning and reduced cross-contamination risk, or a platform scale or precision digital bench scale for complex applications where accuracy is essential.

How Do I Choose a Bench Scale?

If you want a high-quality scale, you should look for several features. First things first, you need to determine your target weight range so that you get a scale that meets your specific requirements. You should look for a bench scale with a sealed keypad and stainless steel platform to allow easy cleaning. By preventing the scale from being damaged by too much weight, overload protection helps it last longer. Flexible mounting capabilities will also help prolong the life of the scale.

Checkweighing scales allow users to specify weight restrictions when used in quality control settings. To determine when an object is over, under, or within the predetermined limits, some scales have a multicolor backlit LCD display or an audible alarm.

Buy a portable scale that has both an AC converter and a rechargeable battery if you need simple transportation. These compact bench scales can be used or relocated in locations without easy access to electricity thanks to its rechargeable battery. Portable scales improved power options and may even be conveniently charged via a USB connection. It's important to consider how long the battery can last between charges when looking for a bench scale with a rechargeable battery.

Different types of scales have different features; for example, generally, a tough industrial scale features an aluminum load cell, stainless steel design, etc. They also need a heavy-duty scale platform to provide stable bases for demanding processing applications.

There are various alternatives for power-saving before you choose your new scale. Some scales let users set the lighting to "on," "off," or "on only while weighing" in order to conserve battery life. The scale will turn off automatically if specific conditions are met, such as staying on for an extended period without being used.

When it comes to some bench-size applications, interfaces and connectivity are crucial factors to take into account. Bench scales are simple to integrate into some systems since they may be installed on counters next to printers or computers. It could be worthwhile to get a scale with a USB or RS-232 interface for printing or data connectivity.

Lastly, you need to look for an NTEP bench scale. The NTEP approval makes it legal for trade bench scales to be used. 

Are Bench Scales Portable?

Yes. Portable scales provide greater flexibility and portability. A portable scale is practical to use and has a wide range of applications, but it must also be appropriate for your location and offer the level of precision you need.  Some electronic bench scales are wireless, which makes them portable. Portable bench scales give your operation more flexibility. Most people and businesses need portable and industrial bench scales. 

Do You Need to Install Bench Scales?

With our benchtop scales, you can forget about challenging and lengthy setup times. They are adaptable, ready-to-use weighing devices made with your needs in mind. They can also be used in a wide variety of settings and applications.

Calibration forms part of testing. To ensure production precision, this should be done both during scale setup and throughout its lifetime. Commercial bench scale testing can be done using test weights that the business has; however, it should also be done by a service specialist from time to time. Depending on the application and requirements, installing one or more digital bench scales is a part of the bench scale-up procedure for a new facility.

What Is a Tabletop Weighing Scale?

A tabletop weighing scale is a scale that normally stands on top of a workbench and is used for various weighing applications. It is also referred to as a bench scale, compact scale, or tough industrial scale. Simple tasks such as counting or check weighing can be completed on a tabletop weighing scale, as well as more challenging tasks such as formulating recipes.

How Much Do These Weighing Scales Cost?

The cost of commercial bench scales might vary. A customer with a tight budget would benefit greatly from our trustworthy and simple solutions. With certain cutting-edge capabilities, such as a bright backlit LCD display, fast weight display, and extended battery operation, that are only available on higher-end models, these scales are sturdy, dependable, and reasonably priced. If you want high-quality scales at competitive prices, browse through our website today!

How Often Should an Industrial Bench Scale be Calibrated?

A scale that is used regularly throughout the day or on a weekly basis will experience more wear and tear than one that is only used occasionally. If your scale is used regularly, it should have its calibration checked more frequently — possibly once a week or once a month.

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