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SellEton SL-JB Junction box ( All Sizes )

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SellEton's Junction boxes can be used for many different types of applications. Typically, junction boxes bring all readings/signals from load cells to one hub.

From their junction box will be integrated into a home run cable & connected to an indicator. 

SellEton carries junction boxes, cables & indicators to match an application/product. 

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Product No.


No. of Channels

SL-Junction box-2-P



SL-Junction box-4-P



SL-Junction box-4-MS

Painted Mild Steel


SL-Junction box-4-SS

Stainless Steel


SL-Junction box-4L-SS

Stainless Steel


SL-Junction box-6-SS

Stainless Steel


SL-Junction box-8-SS

Stainless Steel


SL-Junction box-10-SS

Stainless Steel


SL-Junction box-12-SS

Stainless Steel


Frequently Asked Question

A junction box is the perfect way to safely and neatly bring together multiple electrical connections and wires. The enclosure protects the wiring and circuit while making it easier to manage multiple power sources.

There are three main reasons you need a junction box.

  1. To provide protection for the wires from weather and other potential damage
  2. To contain and conceal messy electrical wires and keep them discreet
  3. To protect people from the risk of electric shock

Exposure poses a number of threats against electrical elements. Weather, atmosphere, spillages, corrosive materials, and tampering (intentional or otherwise) can all cause irreversible damage and create big problems. When you install a SellEton high-quality junction box, you negate those risks.

The stainless steel enclosure covers the delicate elements inside and takes the brunt of the elements outside. Secure locking systems avoid unwanted access, and ultra durable coatings keep everything safe.

Another reason you may need a junction box is to give yourself easy access to wiring. Without one, you are left with a messy or complicated task if you need to make repairs, changes, or additions. A junction box gives you instant, easy access to conduits and wires.

Some people place a junction box over wire splices to make it clear where they are. Any areas that have many electrical configurations coming together in one place should have electrical enclosures installed. SellEton stainless steel junction boxes are the perfect solution.

You find junction boxes made from plastic and metal, but why choose one over the other? Stainless steel enclosures are the superior choice overall, and here is why.

Plastic electrical boxes cannot hold much weight, and are only really designed to cover wire splices or provide an enclosure for two or three indoor connections (ceiling fans, for example).

Metal electrical boxes (stainless steel enclosures specifically) and the best choice for outdoor applications and more complex junctions. They can support the weight of heavier boards, lighting fixtures, and more wires.

Another reason to choose stainless steel enclosures is the enhanced durability and resistance against the elements. They generally last longer and hold up better in extreme temperatures and rain.

Plastic junction boxes are usually faster and easier to install and weigh less than metal electrical boxes. If you only need a few ports and the box doesn't need to hold a great deal of weight, plastic is fine.

SellEton plastic electrical boxes are made using high-quality materials and offer two or four ports. They are easily fitted to the wall and are perfect for smaller indoor junctions.

Junction boxes work by creating a hub for all the readings and signals from multiple sources and load cells. Put simply, it is a docking port for different connections that helps to stabilize, protect, and make safe the physical wiring and power board.

There are two primary functions for a junction box:

  • Be the meeting point for all these load cells and electrical connections
  • House and protect those cells and connections

They work by offering multiple power terminals that can feed load cells into the junction and back out again. Each one handles its own connection, while the junction box contains them all.

The corrosion resistance and heat protection offered by SellEton stainless steel junction boxes is ideal for outdoor application. All boxes are made to exact specifications and can handle many hazards that come with the great outdoors. Be careful choosing between a metal or plastic junction box- make sure it has the robustness you need.

Installation methods vary slightly between boxes, depending on their size, shape, and number of channels. SellEton stainless steel junction boxes are integrated with a home run cable and connected to an indicator. The boxes come pre-calibrated, and technical support is available through our exceptional customer service team.

You can find videos to walk you through the installation process for our junction boxes in clear and concise detail. If you are not sure, speak to us about arranging professional installation.

A channel, port, or terminal on a load cell junction box represents a potential electrical connection. Each one contains a metal conduit that allows you to safely run a new connection or cell through it and into the junction box.

The more of these connections you need, the more channels or ports you need. SellEton provides a range of stainless steel junction boxes with two to 12 channels, so there is something for everyone. Check the maximum number of cables you intend to connect before choosing your stainless steel J box.

Yes, they are. Stainless steel metal electrical boxes use highly resistant materials that are specifically designed to offer sufficient protection between electrical components and the outside world.

These include corrosion-resistant stainless steel enclosures, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coatings, enhanced waterproof seals, and more. You can check the NEMA rating for each SellEton stainless junction box to confirm that it is the most suitable for your proposed environment.

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