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Indicator Features: 

  • SL-7515-C indicator with LCD display
  • Metal casing
  • AC adapter included 
  • Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/oz)
  • Gross/Tare//Zero
  • Multiple Hold functions
  • Connects to printer

Scale base:

  • Large durable stainless steel surface
  • 43"(L) x 20"(W) x2"(H)
  • Low 2” profile platform lets animals easily step on and off
  • A good alternative for weighing large boxes or crates
  • Lightweight and portable; can be used on the floor or tabletop
  • Anti-skid rubber mat included preventing animals from slipping
  • Load cell capacity is 2.2 times scale capacity for overload protection
  • 19’ quick connecting cable
  • Includes LED indicator with an adjustable wall or desk mount stand
  • Weighing units: lb or kg
  • Built-in RS232 communication port
  • Wireless option available
  • Capacity: 1000 lbs 
  • Accuracy: .2 lb 

      FAQs About Our Veterinary Scales

      Health is crucial in a zoo or veterinary clinic, and weighing animals will help you understand more about them. Animals and pets have specific weights, and they must be within the appropriate range to stay healthy. In fact, many animal handlers and veterinarians use an animal's weight to make recommendations on caloric intake.

      If you're looking for a veterinary scale, now is the time to buy one. Let's learn more about them and why our products are the top choice.

      Zoos and veterinary offices often use vet scales to weigh the animals and ensure that they are healthy. Likewise, farms might want to keep their animals at a safe weight. Alpacas, pigs, and llamas are a huge investment, so it's economical for the farmer to ensure that his animals are at healthy weights. In fact, this could alert the farmer to sick animals when they're underweight.

      Medication can be administered to a sick animal on a farm, in a zoo, or at the vet's office. Every animal in the world differs in size, so they'll need a different dosage. Therefore, it's crucial to weigh sick animals with a digital vet scale.

      It's wise to select veterinary scales that have a low profile. Typically, it's hard to get an animal, such as a dog, elephant, or alpaca, to step onto the platform scale. Likewise, you need a large stainless steel platform that will resist any animal droppings or urine that the animal might produce while being stressed or afraid.

      We offer a wide selection of animal scales, and they're designed for accuracy and affordability. Our customers appreciate us because we offer many products, such as cat scales for small animals. If you have questions, you can contact us to determine the options that meet your needs. Here are a few more pointers for your veterinary scales purchase.

      • Type of Animals - What's the maximum capacity you'll be weighing? Are you dealing mainly with large animals or smaller ones?
      • Platform Size and Material - Do you need a rugged steel platform, or will a plastic one work well? What platform size do you require? Do the veterinary scales have to be portable?
      • Battery Life - Will you be okay with a standard battery life, or will you need some way to extend that? Do you require a hold feature? Will an AC adapter be more beneficial because you can plug it into a wall outlet?
      • Load Cells - Having four load cells is often beneficial because there is more mechanical force to weigh the object. That's what makes the scale convenient.
      • Wait Times - How long will you need to wait to get a stable weight indication? Will you require a hold feature to allow more time for large animals to get up there?
      • Construction Quality - Do you require a veterinary scale that's built solidly, or is a lightweight and inexpensive option made of stainless steel the better choice?
      • Other Features - When choosing the products you want, it's wise to see what features it contains. For example, adjustable leveling feet, an AC adapter, and an LED display can make life easier. Will you need something that can hold bulk containers with larger animals? Is a tare function ideal? Does the scale come with a rubber mat, and can it handle unstable weight? Are you weighing feed carts or other livestock?

      There are many benefits of getting stainless steel scales for animals. These include:

      • Monitoring the Animal's Health - When animals get sick, you might not notice the outward changes in behavior or appearance. Therefore, it's best to weigh them periodically.
      • Better Breeding Choices - Animals should breed at specific weights, and you'll know exactly what those are with our scales.
      • Best Feeding Portions - Easily know when to reduce or increase feed and monitor weight gain. This information could be crucial.
      • Better Breeding Strategies - When you weigh livestock regularly, you know which breeds might gain weight faster. Therefore, you can make better decisions for genetic selection and know when to cross-breed.
      • Less Weaning Time - When you weigh calves or other large-size animals, you'll know when to wean them from their mothers. This means they will integrate well with the herd.

      Getting stainless steel scales for your animals is great, but you also have to know why you should calibrate them. Here are the reasons to do so:

      • Cost-Effective - When your scales are accurate, you improve the company's cost-effectiveness. The scales tell the animal's weight, which is crucial for various decisions, such as the amount of medicine and food they need.
      • Animal Safety - Proper calibration will keep your animals safe. The decisions you make based on their weights are accurate and trustworthy.

      Free Shipping: Available across 48 continental USA. Extra charges may apply for residential, farm, or rural areas.
      Express Shipping: Overnight and faster shipping options available at additional costs. Quotes obtainable via email.
      Delivery Time: Typically 5 to 7 business days, varying by location and external conditions.
      Tracking Information: Provided via email upon shipment. Accessible through account login. Additional information available upon request.
      Return Policy: 15-day return period for unused, original condition products. A 25% restocking fee applies. Buyer covers original and return shipping costs.
      Customer Support: Contact at (844)-735-5386 or for queries or concerns about shipping.

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