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SL-915 NTEP Legal for trade  Bench Scales

SL-915 NTEP Legal for trade Bench Scales

The SL-915 NTEP BENCH SCALES are widely known for being the High Quality! 

These scales are among some of the best on the market, if you want to make sure that the items are weighing exactly. These bench scales are widely focused on value and quality and you will be extremely impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism that they can deliver. Not only that, but every model is created with durability in mind.

With-in the Capacity Range, the OP-915 NTEP BENCH SCALE will always handle it. It’s Precision & Accuracy never fails. They will impress you with the true value and quality that you can get on the market. It really is one of the better bench scales that you can purchase right now for commercial weighing. 

The metal casing also offers a good protection for all the internal wiring. So not only is this unit durable, it’s also very well enclosed to avoid any kind of problems. You can choose KG or LB depending on what measuring methods you choose. The products also integrate other features like count weighing, accumulation weighing, overload or under-load alarm and so on. That means you will never have to worry about damaging the unit.

Our OP-915 NTEP BENCH SCALES can also connect to softwares, printers & remote Displays.  This makes it a lot easier for you to print any of the information. It’s a great feature if you use these scales for legal for trade purposes, as you get to make the paperwork process a whole lot easier & legitimate. 

The OP-915 NTEP BENCH SCALES are known for being very accurate and to the point. They always share all the necessary information just as you expect and they require little to no maintenance. Depending on the model that you choose, you can also obtain access to other features such as splash proofing & Water proofing (NEMA 4x) for the keyboard and display. 

If you need a professional bench scale for commercial use, the OP-915 NTEP BENCH SCALE is the right one for you. It’s reliable, efficient and also very accurate. All you have to do is to give it a shot and you will be quite impressed with the great features offered by these high quality bench scales!

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