The general freight carriers in the US offer two types of service, Full Truckload (FTL) service or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). While the FTL carrier moves full containers or trucks of products from one customer, the LTL carrier moves goods from many different customers on one truck.

In tough economical times or busy seasons, too often we see that many of our customers prior of purchasing our Umbrella package. Have had to deal with being overcharged for not having the correct scale setup. LTL companies provide over- weight freight charges to customers & there is not much that customers can do but to pay.

Allow us to explain this Dilemma:

Many business operations think just because they own a floor scale, they are safe from overcharges or disputes. but the truth of the matter is that a regular floor scale alone is not good enough for any type of reference to fight back over-charges.

You are simply weighing the pallet, crate, boxes of items but don’t have any proof or evidence that your scale is showing the accurate weight. Again, owning a scale does not mean that it is accurate. Even if it is brand new!

So what is the solution? How do we go about having the correct setup ?

After years of experience in the industry, We at SellEton Scales have come up with the Umbrella package solution to protect our customers from any extra shipping charges.

our Umbrella package is equipped with:
PS-FS4848 with PS-IN105P & Certificate of calibration

This scale setup is equipped with 48” x 48” Standard Pallet size Floor scale, Ps-IN105P indicator that is equipped with a label printer & a Certificate of Calibration. The indicator has the ability of printing Date, Weight & time. In addition, you can get label prints from this unit & stick on your freight. To make such weighing process official & holding in the logistic world. we will calibrate the scale with at least 1000 lbs & provide our customers with a Certificate.The certificate is good for at least 1 year.

Now with such scale system you can weigh without having any worries. Furthermore, the logistic companies can see that you have a scale setup that has the functions of printing Date, weight & time. If they wish to challenge your shipment, you will simply provide them with the Certificate of calibration.