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Weigh bars could be used in custom applications to weigh different sized objects or products. Custom Platforms also could be placed on top & bolted down for best accuracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Applications Are Weigh Bars Useful in?

Whether it's for animal weighing or other industrial/commercial uses, a weigh bar system can be a key ingredient in zoos, warehouses, and farms whenever there are heavier than normal items in the mix that require accuracy in weight determination.

Regardless of how lively an animal may be, for example, once there is a chute, platform, or crate mounted atop the weighing equipment, you can expect an accurate reading to follow.

Does My Weigh Bar Purchase Qualify Me for Any Kind of Warranty?

Depending on the weigh beams and bars you buy, the warranty that you're offered will vary.

Typically, your purchases from Selleton will be backed by either a two or five-year warranty, which will cover all faults, which are rooted on our end, provided all guidelines are followed and there is no misuse of the weigh bars.

I'm Trying to Build a Customized Animal Weighing Scale. What Kind of Customizations Can I Include with My Weigh Beam System?

Sometimes, the animal weighing function provided by the default configuration isn't comprehensive enough for what you wish to achieve. if that's the case, then you'll notice the weigh beam scale customizations available on the product pages.

Take our SL-919-HD Heavy Duty beam weighing scale system, for example. You can take your pick from:

  • Printer option
  • Water resistance upgrades
  • Indicator stands
  • Data collection software
  • Scoreboard
  • Explosion-proof
  • Output systems

Of course, all these additions come at an additional cost. However, you will know exactly what the said cost is, considering all pricing is clearly indicated alongside the designated options.

Is there Anything Available That Can Handle a 10,000 Pound Workload?

Certainly! We are well aware of the fact that a weighing beam balance may is likely to be required for heavy workloads. Therefore, it was incumbent on us to ensure that all our designs can stand up to the demands of our valued customers, whatever those may be.

Our SL-919 HD bar weighing scale is a testament to this, as it boasts an outstanding 20,000-pound capacity, which is double this requirement.

Can I Return Items Purchased from Selleton?

While we do accept returns on the multiple weighing units we sell, the process must be done within 14 days of the initial purchase date.

Additionally, the scale weigh bars must be in the original condition they were shipped in. If it is that there is damage caused by the customer, Selleton is not liable.

In cases where pallet beam scales are received in damaged condition, there must be a note from the buyer present on all shipping documents indicating that the product was damaged.

This applies whether the buyer chooses to accept or refuse the shipment. Note also that all shipping costs associated with sending beams and bars back to Selleton must be covered by the buyer.

Is There Anywhere I Can Sign Up to Find out When Selleton Has Special Offers Running?

Sure! If you're interested in knowing about our exclusive offers, just scroll to the bottom of any of our pages and enter your email address. Once you do so and hit the "subscribe" button, you'll be a part of our mailing list and will receive notifications.

I Need a Low Profile Horseshoe Scale System. What's the Best Option That I Can Find?

It sounds like you should take a look at our SL-932 U-beam pallet scale. Depending on your application, low-profile designs are often required for optimal performance. This model is specially designed for such needs.

At only 2.2", it stands as the lowest profile horseshoe scale you can get your hands on. This statement doesn't just apply to our stock either, as this is the case across the entire industry.

The unit is complete with a five-year warranty (two years on parts), access to technical support, and we even offer free shipping throughout the USA.

As heavy-duty as the scale is, its portability is incredible, allowing it to be useful for milk tanks, storage containers, small platforms, etc.

How Can I Reach A Selleton Representative if I Have Questions or Concerns I Need to be Addressed?

We want to ensure that our customers have as seamless an experience as possible. To this end, we have set up multiple channels to ensure that you can reach us.

First, you may visit our contact page and fill out the information on the contact form. A representative will then review the details and get back to you.

If you wish to reach us by phone, our toll-free line is (844) 735-5386. Alternatively, you can use our office direct lines (818) 885-5000 or (661) 888-1900.

Finally, you can email us at or specifically our tech support team at

Are There Any Financing Options Available to Help Me Acquire Equipment from Selleton?

Whether you need to work with heavy unusual shaped loads or standard workloads, sometimes you may need financial aid in getting the right, high-quality equipment. This is why we have an Approve integration that you can take advantage of at checkout.

Once you wish to use it, click on the conveniently located "Approve" button. This will bring you to an incredibly straightforward application process. With your item(s) loaded into the widget, complete the application details.

From there, you will receive competing offers from different lenders from which you can select the one that best meets your needs. Bear in mind that the minimum amount that can be financed is $1,500.

What if I Need a Customized Scale System That Isn't Currently on Offer?

We have a bespoke scale design service that may just meet your needs. Our talented engineers can design and build scales that are customized based on whatever needs you may have.

Are Selleton Scales Calibrated?

Yes. All our scales come pre-calibrated from the factory.

Is Welding to a Cattle Chute Possible? If So, Is the Load Cell at Risk of Damage?

While the welding is supported, we encourage the removal of load cells first to prevent direct heat damage.

Are There Wireless Capabilities Present?

Our scales are wireless-ready. Note, however, that the modules attract an extra cost, but will give you a cordless, 300ft ranged implementation.

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