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SellEton offers Cables, Ramps, Indicators, Junction box, Pit frame, Softarware, Printing & much more!!! 

At Selleton Scales, we stock a large selection of weighing scale accessories and floor scale parts to meet a wide range of needs. Find out more in our FAQ section below.

Learn More About Our Floor Scale Accessories

What are floor scale ramps used for?

If you're new to floor scales, you might wonder why you need an additional ramp. Floor scale ramps are used for loading in a variety of industries and can be used to provide greater versatility and allow a wide range of vehicles and other items to be weighed more easily. They allow easier access to industrial scales.

Which industrial-scale parts do I need to repair my scale?

Via hardwired cables, each weigh bar or load cell in your scale system transmits electrical impulses to your indicator. In other instances, the indicator and each load cell are connected directly. A single wire is used to send each one to your indicator after linking them to a junction bank or box. 

When changing weigh bars, load cells, or a cable, we'll help you choose a connector type that's appropriate for your system. Sometimes making a small upgrade now will save more significant problems later. We'll help you decide whether it's a smart idea to modify your configuration, so talk to us if you need help choosing digital weighing scale parts!

What are cable connectors for digital scales?

These floor scales rely on electricity to function, so you'll need to plug them into an electricity source to use them. A cable connector like our 4-pin connector for a floor scale cable will help you connect your scale base to outlets.

What are the benefits of a braided floor scale cable?

One of two purposes for braiding cables is to either electrostatically screen the line or to offer the cable more tensile stability. Shop our range of braided cables for your model!

Is an industrial weighing scale with a printer worth it?

Since there is no need to manually capture the measurements, printing an exact paper copy of your weight data immediately from the digital scale can help your company save time. Also, using a floor scale with a printer lowers the possibility of human error and makes it possible to share information across various platforms. It also allows better traceability. 

What is a thermal printer?

Thermochromic paper, also referred to as thermal paper, is passed over a print head made up of small, electrically heated parts in the thermal printing process, which results in a printed image. In the heated regions, the coating turns black, creating a picture. 

This enhances print quality and eliminates the possibility of data loss from smudging because there is no ink involved.

How do I purchase accessories and other items from your online store?

Making a purchase on our website is easy. Simply browse our range of quality floor scale accessories and weighing products on our online shop and choose the ones that best meet your needs. 

Add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you require assistance, our team is ready to answer any questions customers may have, so you can contact us, and we will provide recommendations on which scale products to choose. 

Use one of our supported payment methods and proceed with payment. Your order will be shipped to you!

Why should I choose Selleton Scales for my scale accessories?

At Selleton Scales, we have a wide variety of scale accessories to meet just about any capacity, scale size, or model! Our emphasis is always on our customers, and we strive to provide the best service we possibly can. 

We have been selling floor scale accessories for many years now, and our technicians have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best parts for your scale model, regardless of the weight capacity.

Moreover, we only stock high-quality products, so you never have to worry about scales or scale parts standing the test of time.

Can you help me install my scale accessories and parts?

We can offer advice on how parts should be installed for your model. However, we do not repair scales or help to replace parts. Get in touch with our team for quality advice!

What is a "legal for trade" scale?

As the name suggests, these scales are specially designed to perform measurements to help you comply with legal requirements. They are available in various models, and each model is certified to provide the assurance that it is suitable for use in industry. We also sell additional indicator attachments that you can use with an existing scale. 

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