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Pallet Jack Scales

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Our Pallet Jack Scale is specially designed to weigh and transport standard US pallets simultaneously. Our design make it easy to insert the forks into the pallets and take them out. Its heavy duty structure can hold up to 5000 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pallet Jack Scales?

A pallet jack with scales is a rugged, accurate, quick, and easy scale that you can use for numerous warehouse applications. These scales, also known as pallet truck scales, are designed to give highly accurate pallet and container weighing. They precisely weigh pallets without putting too much strain on the operator when transportable and accurate weighing is essential. 

You can count on cutting-edge features when you purchase a hand pallet truck or pallet jack with a scale and printer, including a trustworthy scale indication with a big, highly visible, large LCD display with a keyboard and a rechargeable battery. With a hand pallet truck scale from us, your logistics processes can benefit from precise weighing, simple lifting, and simple steering—even across uneven surfaces.

Whether you're looking for a pallet jack with built-in scale capabilities, an LCD display, or stainless steel design, we have what you're looking for.

What Is the Best Pallet Truck Scale?

When selecting the ideal scale pallet jack, design is a key consideration. In order to develop safe, effective scale pallet jacks, the manufacturer needs to pay close attention to every requirement from operators. 

A pallet jack scale from SellEton is simple to lift, transport, and weigh thanks to its ergonomic handle. High-quality wheels also offer a comfortable ride on uneven floors. Furthermore, the easy steering allows operators to concentrate on their work. Our pallet truck with scales is made to endure numerous demanding applications and comes with a range of fork sizes.

Additionally, SellEtron's pallet truck scales have a trustworthy indicator with a sizable, clearly visible display and keypad. Mobile pallet jack scales can improve your profitability by expediting your shipping and warehousing procedures.

Although there isn't a single best pallet jack, certain manufacturers do provide higher-quality pallet jacks. The ability to weigh and move each pallet simultaneously is a time-saving feature of our hand pallet truck scales that will improve efficiency in your production and warehouse facilities.

Furthermore, our pallet jacks with scales are legal for trade.

How Heavy Are Pallet Jack Scales?

A manual pallet jack typically weighs 79 kg (approximately 175 lbs.). The weight determines the pallet jack scale's toughness under heavier loads. Thus, a pallet truck scale's design becomes crucial for ensuring efficient operation and transit. Our pallet jack scales for sale are built to be durable, simple to operate, and accurate for effectively tracking incoming and outgoing stock.

Are Pallet Jacks Accurate?

Based on the model, pallet jack scales or manual pallet truck scales offer authorized accuracy of up to 0.2 kg. 

Contact your local weighing expert to determine which electric pallet jack with scale, based on accuracy and capacity, is the best fit for your needs.

What Are Electric Pallet Jack Scales?

This is a pallet jack generated by batteries, whether it has a scale or not. This particular kind of pallet jack scale guarantees exceptional usability, flexibility, and precise weighing. 

How High Does a Pallet Jack Scale Lift?

Generally, a pallet jack scale can lift approximately 120 mm. Almost any item that can fit on a pallet truck scale can be lifted and transported; however, because the likelihood of a load dropping is low, it is not categorized as lifting equipment. 

Furthermore, pallet jack scales that lift less than 300mm are not protected by LOLER.

Can a Pallet Jack Scale Move up a Hill or Ramp?

In theory, pallet jack scales and pallet jacks were not intended to ascend a ramp. To ensure the maximum level of safety feasible, always pull a pallet jack scale when it needs to move up an incline in a warehouse or plant. The only logical way to regulate the movement of a pallet jack scale when traveling down a hill or ramp is to push it.

Do You Need a License to Use a Pallet Jack Scale?

No, you don't need a formal license to use a pallet jack scale. However, you need to use an NTEP-approved pallet jack scale as these are the only ones that are legal for trade.

How Do You Bleed Air from Pallet Jacks?

Hold the control lever in its lower position while bleeding air from a pallet jack scale by repeatedly moving the handle up and down at least 10 times. This is the most efficient way to expel air from a pallet jack scale.

How Do You Pump Up a Pallet Truck with Scales?

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