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SL-700 High-Quality Multi-Purpose Industrial Floor Scales

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SellEton’s Industrial Floor Scales

Tasks in operations, production, and manufacturing need a trustworthy brand of scales to deliver the results they need. SellEton’s industrial floor scales have the reliability, strength, accuracy, and durability needed for all your weighing tasks.

Our scales are available in different sizes, capacities, and price ranges for your needs. They also come with different feature sets that may be ideal for different industries. Many of these industrial scales are also portable, with some being most suitable for specialized environments.

These scales come with their own software and accessories for maximum compatibility. They also have a seamless, intuitive data management system.

For more information about our digital floor scales and other related products, feel free to give us a call at (844)-735-5386. You can also send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Industrial Scales

How Does an Industrial Scale Differ from a Commercial Scale?

Commercial scales are more compact, lighter weighing systems used for smaller items. Industrial scales (also called pallet scales or truck scales) are designed for large, heavy items that commercial balances cannot support.

Another difference is that industrial scales typically use load cells.

What Is a Load Cell?

Load cells are sensors that convert pressure into a measurable unit. They provide better accuracy and a longer lifespan. Floor scales without a load cell will lose accuracy over time with frequent weighing.

Do I Need an Industrial Scale or a Commercial Scale?

Use a commercial scale for small, quick measurements of items you can easily carry. Anything too big or too heavy to weigh normally should be reserved for an industrial floor scale. Due to commercial balances being approximations, exact measurements also require an industrial scale.

Why Are Industrial Scales More Expensive Than Other Weighing Systems?

They come with more advanced features, including being highly accurate, having a higher weight capacity, and having sturdier production. Due to their weight, most industrial scales are not easily portable.

What Is a Floor Scale?

In contrast to other weighing systems, a floor scale is not designed to suspend in the air or balance weight. It should rest evenly along the ground.

When Is It Best to Use an Industrial Floor Scale?

If other weighing systems are too small or inefficient for your needs, it's time to switch to a heavy-duty option. Industrial scales are also helpful if you need to weigh large quantities of smaller items. Rather than weighing in sections, you can place all the items on the scale at once.

Is the Weighing Process Different for Industrial Floor Scales?

Some industrial scales come with special features, such as linking to an app. While this allows you to do more advanced weighing, the basic process is the same. Place an item on the scale, and you will soon discover its weight.

What Should I Consider Before Buying an Industrial Floor Scale?
  1. If it's suitable for your specific needs
  2. The strength of the floor (not recommended for use in apartments)
  3. How often you will weigh
    the weight of your objects
  4. How accurate the weighing must be
  5. If you want stainless steel construction
  6. Recommended applications for the scale
  7. If it's suitable for food and chemicals
  8. The calibration speed and weight capacity of the scale
  9. Your ideal platform height from the ground
  10. If it can be used to ensure a product is legal for trade
  11. The ideal color and size of the platform
  12. If you want a ramp or bench included
  13. Other features, such as shipment costs, portability, or a sale on bulk orders
What Industry Benefits Most from Heavy-Duty Floor Scales?

Automobile: Truck scales are necessary to determine if large vehicles are legal for trade. A driver must be able to navigate safely without damaging the road.

Pharmaceuticals: Pallet scales are crucial because pharmaceuticals need accurate weighing to determine correct chemical measurements and medical dosages.

What Type of Industrial Floor Scales Do You Offer?

We offer many types of floor scales. Our wide range ensures you can find solutions suitable to your needs. Here is a list of our main varieties:

  • Heavy-duty floor scales suitable for large weighing
  • Stainless steel scales
  • Pallet size and smaller
  • Scales with or without ramps
  • Warehouse floor scales that can weigh up to 10,000 pounds
  • Scales built with a printer and scoreboard
  • Heavy-duty weigh bar beams that can weigh up to 20,000 pounds
  • Build your own stainless steel scale with ramps and other selections
  • Legal-for-trade bench scales
Do You Have Free Shipping?

In addition to credit cards and PayPal, we give you the option to purchase using Amazon Pay. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can receive free shipping on certain orders. Customers without an Amazon Prime account will be charged a shipping fee.

What Is Included in the Shipment?

Your delivery contents will depend on your purchase. Some scales have unique features installed, such as a printer or scoreboard. Our Build Your Own floor scale kit includes your selection of special features.

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