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SellEton SL-919-HD Heavy Duty Weigh Beam, bar System up to 20,000 lb Capacity Available!

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SellEton's weighing beam scales are portable and easy to store when not in use. They can be spread apart to handle long or unusual-shaped loads and are used in many industries, such as warehouses, farms, and zoos. Our indicator features an animal weighing function that produces an accurate reading no matter how lively the animal is. Simply mount a platform, crate, or chute on top, to transform these beams into a customized animal weighing scale.
  • Weigh Beams: This portable yet heavy-duty weighing beam system is perfect for tight spaces and can easily be stored or put into the back of a truck. 
  • 100% welded steel all enclosed construction with a powder-coated finish protects from rodents and weather. 
  • Integrated with carrying handles to make it a portable weighing beam system,
  • Multi-purpose applications. 
  • The best weighing solution for small cages, chutes & odd objects
  • 15’ quick connecting stainless steel mesh shielded cable attaches to our SL-7510-SS-C stainless steel indicator NTEP approved 
  • Alloy steel nickel-plated anti-corrosion load cells offer 200% overload protection Order includes 2 weigh bars, an indicator, and 4 stainless steel leveling feet
  • Includes indicator with lb/kg selectable, rechargeable battery, and auto-hold
  • Easy installation Sold as a set Factory Calibrated
  • Overload Protection
  • 5-year warranty
Indicator Features:
  • Large 1' Backlit LED or LCD display SL-7510-SS-C (NTEP) indicator
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 100 hrs) Stainless steel casing, AC adapter included
  • Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz) Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero
  • Multiple Hold functions Count weighing Accumulation weighing Overload / Underload alarm
  • Splash-proof keyboard and display Connects to a remote display and printer

    FAQs About the Beam Balance Weighing Scale
    Our portable weigh beams are an excellent addition to your business. You'll be able to sort things based on weight; though there are no wheels, it's still easy to move around as needed.
    We realize you may have questions about this product and many others, which is why we have a list of FAQs below. You'll learn more about prices, platform options, and height rod information relating to our beam scales. It's easy to see how it will benefit your brand!

    Yes, you will get an AC adapter with the product. Likewise, there will be a stainless steel casing and a rechargeable battery that lasts upwards of 100 hours.

    Many companies require a height rod for their beam weighing scale, but ours do not offer this. Instead, you will choose an appropriate platform, lay it across the beams, and use the scales to help you get instant results.

    It is possible to attach a height rod if necessary, but this is generally only required in medical facilities. If you plan to use the scale in a home or in a medical capacity, we recommend buying one separately and attaching it to the platform of your choice.

    Overall, our items aren't designed to have a height rod, and we don't offer this product. However, it's easy to accommodate a height rod if needed.

    With our beam-type weighing scale, you will get a 2-year warranty on all the items included. This consists of the beams and the displays.

    It is possible to customize the product by adding printers, scoreboards, and indicator stands. However, we do not sell height rod items, so you will have to buy them separately and attach them to the platform as needed.

    These beam scales hold up to 2,000 pounds, which makes them ideal to sort different things. If you plan to use it in a health facility or something similar, it should work, though you may have to remove people from beds or wheelchairs.

    The weigh beam scale is portable, though there are no wheels. Likewise, you won't get a height rod, which is often required for health-related businesses. Still, you can spread the scales apart to handle oddly-shaped loads.

    If weight is a concern in your industry, you'll be pleased at what this can do. It will work in warehouses, zoos, and farms. Here are a few of the features:

        • Ideal for tight spots

        • No wheels that might get broken

        • Easily movable, even without wheels

        • Can store and put in a truck with ease

        • Fully enclosed construction to protect from weather and rodents

        • Can be used for many applications, though there's no height rod, so it might not be ideal for health facilities

      • Offers many weighing units, including ounces, grams, kilograms, and pounds

    No, our scales do not feature counterweights like a traditional scale at a doctor's office. Likewise, there is no height rod. Still, you can measure things in kilograms, pounds, and much more without the hassle.

    These products aren't suitable for home use, but they are easy to set up. Because there are no counterweights, you'll have more accuracy whether you choose kilograms or pounds.

    The price displayed on the website is for the capacity, size, and display options, as shown in the boxes. You can customize your piece, but the price is likely to go up based on what you choose.

    For example, if you want 40-inch beams, the price jumps significantly.

    There are many ways to customize your beam system. You'll choose the size, capacity, and display and can even determine if you want a printer and scoreboard. Likewise, an explosion-proof product is possible, though the price jumps higher for that.

    We recommend that you play around with the options to find what works best for you. Then, check the price and see if it fits within your budget. Alternatively, you can email to get assistance in ordering. A team member will tell you the altogether price.

    Our team makes it easy to see the price information. It's shown at the top of the page, but we also list the price of customizations at the bottom. Then, you simply determine your quantity (more than one will raise the price, as well) and add it to your cart.

    Depending on your needs, the price might be higher after you figure out the shipping needs.

    It is possible to use our beam scales for health-related needs. They measure things in pounds and more, but you will need to have your own platform. Our product only comes with the LCD display and the beams themselves.

    You can choose almost any sturdy material for the platform, which helps keep the cost low. Though there's no height rod, many health facilities can get by without one. Still, it's up to you to determine if it will work for your health brand.

    No, our weigh beam scale doesn't feature a platform or wheels. You will receive the beams and the display. However, you can attach the display to the platform in various ways if that's your preference.

    Likewise, there are no wheels, but the pieces themselves aren't heavy. This means you can easily take it anywhere. For the price, it's an excellent addition!

    People often use weigh beam scales because they save time and money. Since there are fewer items to purchase and no wheels, you can easily get weights on just about anything. Whether you deal with animals or something else, these are the perfect solution for many industrial settings.

    Apart from our heavy-duty weigh beams, we also offer many other products. These include floor scales, bench scales, pallet jack scales, and many others. Feel free to browse the website and find something in your price range if our weigh beam scales aren't ideal. Sort and filter the listings to choose exactly what you require.

    Free Shipping: Available across 48 continental USA. Extra charges may apply for residential, farm, or rural areas.
    Express Shipping: Overnight and faster shipping options available at additional costs. Quotes obtainable via email.
    Delivery Time: Typically 5 to 7 business days, varying by location and external conditions.
    Tracking Information: Provided via email upon shipment. Accessible through account login. Additional information available upon request.
    Return Policy: 15-day return period for unused, original condition products. A 25% restocking fee applies. Buyer covers original and return shipping costs.
    Customer Support: Contact at (844)-735-5386 or for queries or concerns about shipping.

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