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Air plane Scale kit

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SellEton offers both Small floor scale & portable Weigh pad systems for air plane weighing. Such systems are excellent for reference weighing. Both Systems are equipped with our Multi-Channel SL-7561 Brief case.

Aircraft Weighing Kit FAQ

Why Would You Want to Weigh an Airplane?

This would depend on the business you're operating. You tend to find that an airline scale is used to find out the base weight of the aircraft scales. Since this means the empty weight, steps will typically be taken to ensure that the value provided is not off the mark.

Such information is incredibly useful in flight planning operations since the idea is always to operate within safe parameters. Failing to do this could mean risking overloading the aircraft, which could spell detrimental consequences later on. Never undervalue having a proper aircraft weight.

How Should You Prepare the Plane for Aircraft Weighing Equipment?

"How do you weigh an airplane" is obvious enough since that's what you'd be buying an airplane scale for. However, what may be glossed over is the preparation of the plane for weighing. Again, you want to know the empty weight so that you're careful with your capacity planning.

Drain any onboard water or fuel from the aircraft. Don't think that rainwater is exempt from this because even it is enough to throw off your reading. Have your engineers double and triple-check that there's no water pooled anywhere that could affect the weight that platform scales may reflect.

Are Shipping Costs for My Aircraft Weighing System Set in Stone?

If you should buy one of our aircraft weighing systems, we offer free shipping across the continental USA, provided that the address is that of a business. If you need us to take the scale to a farm, residential area, or rural area, the request may incur additional charges.

Additionally, if inside delivery or lift gate recovery is needed, there may be extra fees required.

Can I Customize the Aircraft Weighing Kit at Purchase Time?

We like to offer the most comprehensive line of options to our clients so they can ensure that their purchases are to their liking. Who knows? You may have an easier time weighing your single-engine aircraft because of one small custom option.

Our customizations depend on the product you are interested in, which is why you will always find any available options on the relevant product pages.

For example, if you are interested in the Selleton SL-AIR-928 75,000 lb capacity weighing system, you will find that you can make amendments to the size and capacity, pad carrying cart, and scoreboard.

What's the Best Way to Find out the Specifics of Selleton Aircraft Weighing Scales for Sale?

We try to include as many details about our scales on their respective product pages as possible for transparency. Once you click on a product, simply scroll down to the description area. You may also click on the "brochure" tab to find out more about the aircraft scales that you may be interested in.

For even further clarification, you can send us an email at info@selletonscales. com or call us at 844-735-5386 (toll-free), 818-885-5000, or 661-888-1900. If you want to know if our scales can help you weigh the world's largest passenger aircraft, we'd prefer you to get your answer before you buy.

What Is the Benefit of the Multi-Channel SL-7561 Briefcase?

If you purchase any of our airplane weighing scales, it will be outfitted with this briefcase indicator, which allows you to get different weight metrics such as the total weight and the weight of the individual wheels. Sometimes being able to break down an aircraft's weight is quite beneficial.

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