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What is NTEP ?

What is NTEP ?

When searching for a new scale, you may come across two of the most popular terms in the scale industry. “legal-for-trade” or “NTEP approved”. Generally, in the United States a legal for trade scale must be NTEP approved.

NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, which is a non-profit corporation. Scales and other weighing equipment that are NTEP approved have been tested and evaluated to ensure they meet all government standards and requirements. The government standards are set by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and are listed in their NIST Handbook 44.

The states highlighted in blue require an NTEP Certificate of conformance to place a weighing or measuring device into commercial service.

Only 4 U.S. states are NOT required NTEP certificate. Those states are :
Texas, North Dakota, Vermont & Rhode island. All other states are required! 

SellEton carries over 85 different types of products. One of our product lines are the NTEP Scales.  

NTEP Scales are required to those scales that are used in trade or commercial applications. In other words. Any person or business that buys, sells, or charges based upon weight within the United States must use a Legal-for-Trade scale. In addition, NTEP or Legal for trade scales very accurate since they are calibrated for precession.

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