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SellEton NTEP Platform scales are used for variety of businesses!

SellEton NTEP Platform scales are used for variety of businesses!

Pallet scales are scales that are specifically designed to weigh pallets of goods in a shipping or warehouse setting. These scales are typically large and sturdy, able to withstand the weight of a fully loaded pallet and provide accurate readings.

In the United States, pallet scales are required to be NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified in order to be used for commercial weighing applications. NTEP certification is a process in which the scales are tested and certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures to ensure that they meet the necessary standards for accuracy and reliability. This certification is necessary in order to ensure that the weights of the goods being shipped are accurate and in compliance with relevant regulations.It is important to use a certified NTEP pallet scale in order to avoid potential fines or other penalties for using an uncertified scale. Additionally, using a certified scale can help prevent potential disputes or discrepancies related to the weight of the goods being shipped.

Industrial platform scales are used in recycling businesses to weigh and measure the weight of recyclable materials. They can be used to weigh a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, and glass.There are several types of industrial platform scales, including floor scales, pit scales, and portable scales. Floor scales are typically installed on a concrete pad and are used to weigh large items, such as bales of recyclable materials. Pit scales are installed in a pit and are used to weigh items that are too large or heavy to be placed on a floor scale. Portable scales are designed to be easily moved and can be used to weigh items in different locations.

Industrial platform scales are equipped with a platform on which the materials are placed, and a digital display that shows the weight of the materials. Some scales also have additional features, such as the ability to print out weight tickets or connect to a computer for data analysis.

In a recycling business, industrial platform scales are used to accurately weigh and measure the weight of incoming recyclable materials. This information is used to determine the value of the materials and to track the volume of materials being processed. Industrial platform scales are an essential tool for any recycling business, as they help to ensure that the business is operating efficiently and accurately.


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