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OPTIMA Op-916 NTEP 4-20 MA Analog out put System with 40" x 40" floor scale 5000 lb x 1 lb

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The 4-20 mA analog output of the OP-900 scale is a voltage sourcing sensor that will output current which is proportional to the calibrated scale’s weight range (i.e. 4 mA = 0 LBS and 20 mA = 10,000 LBS). It is important to note, that this is a sourcing output sensor (i.e. the sensor will source 9VDC with an output current range of 4-20 mA). Unlike many other “loop powered” type 4-20 mA
sensors, an external supply voltage should not be connected to the unit’s 4-20 mA circuit, however, the ground connection (pin 6) of the DB-9 connector will need to be connected to the same ground as the data acquisition device which will be responsible for interoperating the 4-20 mA signal. This ground connection is imperative, as both the data acquisition device’s 
power supply and the scale’s internal 9VDC power supply will need to be on the same ground plane for the output current to be synced and measured correctly. Please reference Figure 6 as a visual clarification onhow to connect your scales 4-20 mA output to a data acquisition device.


Below is a list of important notes when using the indicator with the 4-20 mA option

●  Resolution: 1/1000

●  Outside Load: 100-350ohms

●  Inside connection: load input port pin “1” of J2, ground port pin “GND” of J2

●  Outside connection: load input port pin 1 of DB9, ground port pin 6 of DB9

●  To test the connection, connect a 250 ohm load; Locate a volt meter, and probe across the 250 ohm load. As the weight input to the indicator varies, the voltage of the volt meter will change accordingly

●  Pressing the TARE key will reset to output current to 4mA

●  0-20mA output can be set by setting parameter C31 to 0

●  Please note that this option will disable the RS232 weigh data output (serial ASCII data ) that comes in the standard indicator.


  • Calibration:

    ● Press PRINT and HOLD key to go into configuration mode
    Go to C32 and press PRINT key
    The display should show [out-4] and output should be at 4mA
    Press the up/down arrow keys and the [out-#] will increase/decrease

    Note: X corresponds to the output current. For example if out-12 is displayed, then 12mA should be the output. If not, press the left and right arrow key to adjust/calibrate