Optima Scale

OPTIMA OPD-E 4-Decimal High Precision Analytical Balance


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Electromagnetic force sensor

High-sensitivity, high stability

Auto single button internal calibration

Ensures easy and frequent calibrations during use

3-Door Anti-Static Draft Shield (removable)

Protect weighing samples from surrounding influences

Detachable display

Minimizes vibration when touching the display

Large stainless steel pan

Allows for easy weighing of large objects

Leveling feet with 2 points of adjustment

Makes it level even on uneven working surfaces

Below balance weighing

Determines density of large pieces

Configurable RS 232 interface

Allows for communication w/ peripheral data collection and printing

Multiple weighing units

Allows for flexibility of weighing

  • Ideal for laboratory, educational or industrial use
  • High capacity, 4-decimal place balance (0.1mg readability)
  • Electromagnetic force compensating system for 2x performance in the industry
  • Large high contrast back-lit LCD display
  • Splashproof keyboard and display
  • Anti-static stainless steel weighing pan and glass draft-shield
  • Automatic zero-tracking and full range tare
  • Automatic self calibration or calibration with reference weights
  • Under hook for density measurement and weighing magnetic materials
  • Optional RS-232 for bi-directional communication with a PC or printer
  • Parts counting, pipette calibration, percent weighing and dynamic weighing
  • Multiple weighing units: g, ct, lb, oz, ozt, dwt