OP-918 Industrial warehouse Pallet Jack scale 5000 lbs x 1 lb

  • $1,000.00

Introducing our Pallet jack with a built-in Scale system. This unit is equipped with many great features that will help you maneuver & weigh at the the same time.

Starting out with its effortless steering capabilities, the handle carries a ergonomic design. In addition, this unit carries a Very low profile & tapered forks for ease of entry into the pallet.

Pallet jack scales are best solutions for mobile weighing. They can be used inside or out doors.


Capacity: 5000 lbs
Accuracy: 1 lb
Handle height: 45”
Forks min-height: 2.8”
Forks Max height: 7”
outer Fork width: 27.5”
Fork Length: 46”
Each fork width: 7”
Indicator battery: Rechargeable

Printer Option: not included