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OPTIMA OP-100 NTEP Approved Super Duty Truck Scale 270,000 lb x 20 lb


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  • 3/8” tread plate decking for increased durability and strength
  • Supported by orthotropic ribs that are completely sealed by continuous welds
  • Built with an airtight seal that eliminates the potential for rusting from the inside
  • The ribs are shaped to distribute concentrated loads better than I-beam designs, for a longer life
  • Interchangeable modular design
  • Each scale is built in a fully rotatable clipping to ensure proper fit and finish
  • Rotation of the scale module during assembly guarantees uniform and precise welds
  • Each module has as few as 6 bolts compared to 40 on all other modular designed scales
  • The platform is designed with special tabs and wheels for easy loading and unloading, especially when shipping with box trucks
  • Baked powder coated finish all over, proven to be as much as 10 times more effective in resisting wear and corrosion in the roughest environment
  • Contains no solvents and is safe in operation and environmental friendly with zero pollution



  • Gross Capacity:
    Up to 135 Tons
  • Width: 10’ to 14’

  • Length: 10’ to 140’

  • Module Length: 10’ to 18’

  • Deck Height: 14” (low profile availiable)

  • Deck Plate Thickness:  3/8” or 1/4"

  • Weighbridge End plates: 3/4” x 11” plate

  • Inner Supports:
     6 per module

  • Load Cell Type: Double ended, analog, NTEP alloy steel
    (Stainless steel optional)

  • Load Cell Output: Analog - mV output

  • Load Cell Cable:
    Stainless steel sheathed cable

  • Junction Box: NEMA 4X stainless steel, cable strain reliefs

  • Summing Card: 4-10 cell boards with surge protection & sectional adjustment

  • Finish: Baked primer and baked color powder coating

  • Installation Type: Above or in-ground

  • 5 years covering weigh-bridge, junction box and load cells

    • Scale Certification: NTEP, Class III L, CC# 17-034
    • Indicator Certification: NTEP, Certificate Number: 91-149A7